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The Instigator |Episode 18 Stop the Childish Celebration



The Instigator |Episode 18

Stop the Childish Celebration



I am all for having fun when you play hockey. That is why we play the game..but what the Carolina Hurricanes have been doing after wins at home has me shaking my head. What is happening to this league. This is the most childish celebrations I have ever seen. Just when you thought that was the extent of the celebration. Dougie Hamilton took it to a new level by “flossing”…. What is next from the Carolina Hurricanes?



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I'm with you here....score a game winning goal in a big game, there's nothing wrong with going crazy.




But choreographing a planned celebration for a shootout not even ten games into the regular season is pathetic. Leave that for the "God I'm great" crowd in the NFL. 

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