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How Much Would You Give Philly West for Brown?



blog-0700918001330113514.jpgSabres Needs: scoring, physical players, and leadership

Dustin Brown: scoring, physical, and leadership

Perfect match!

The city once known as Los Angeles acquired Jeff Carter yesterday for Jack Johnson and a 1st round pick this year or next. Thus becoming Philadelphia West with the reunion of Jeff Carter and Mike Richards. All LA night club owners just made some extra loot. All kidding aside Bob McKenzie is reporting that LA has put Dustin Brown on the trade block. Brown the current captain has 15 goals this season for the disappointing Kings. Teams are lineing up to make an offer to LA for Brown. I however believe this will be a two horse race. Those two horses being Buffalo and Toronto.

The price is rumored to be a top 6 forward and a defenseman. The good news is Buffalo is full of defensive prospects. They also have a couple forwards for sale in the persons of Derek Roy and Drew Stafford. However the Kings may not want Roy or Stafford and instead covet Pominville or Ennis. If that be the case then all bets are off for me. If the Kings want one or two of Buffalo's young defenders then Roy or Stafford must go with them.

Now Toronto can offer almost the same package Buffalo can. So therefore if they really want Brown the Sabres will need to overpay most likely. The question is how much do you overpay. The best package I would offer LA would be the following: Stafford, Sekera, Brennan, and a 3rd pick. The Sabres are in no position to offer up a first especially if it is a high pick. I would be willing to part with a forward prospect as well perhaps Marcus Foligno or Corey Tropp instead of Brennan.

Let me say this though, what's the catch? Why would a struggling team look to trade their captain mid season. Also a player who brings it every night, hits, and can score. Perhaps they are looking for a shake up, but this move could come back to haunt the Kings for years.

A little off topic, but someone needs to tell Brad Marchand that Tom Brady, Emerson Etem and Joffry Lupul already beat him to the Buffalo isn't the best city in the world crack. Getting a bit old now. Should be a good game with Boston in town tonight.

Should the Sabres go after Brown? How much would you give up?

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