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Turn Out the Lights on the Playoff Hopes



blog-0824173001332039945.jpgFor the second straight game Buffalo gets the loser point after a shootout loss. In a week of three winable games, Buffalo wins one. Where to begin?

I guess lets start with the standings, Buffalo gains a point and sits two behind Washington (three points actually with the tie breaker). Sure mathematically it's not over, but the eye test will tell you different. Let me jump back to March 5th in Winnipeg, a HUGE game Buffalo needed badly. They don't show up and lose 3-1, I let that one go because it was the final game of a long road trip. Now let's forward to tonight a HUGE game in Florida. No loud crowd to get Florida going like in Winnipeg, however the Sabres don't show up again and are lucky to get a point. The Sabres last 4 games have gone to overtime/shootout, both teams managed 5 shots combined in the 3rd. Playing for the OT point?

Vanek had a chance to put the Sabres up late in the 3rd on a 2 on 1 rush with Hodgson, but fumbled the pass and got no shot off. By the way Buffalo has to be the best at getting no shot on odd man rushes. Then we go to the shootout. It goes 14 players deep. Let me preface this by saying the Sabres pay 5 offensive players over 4 milion dollars to score goals. Those 5 players Vanek, Pominville, Roy, Stafford, and Boyes all had a chance to win in the shootout. None of them scored or were even close. The Sabres players just cruised in shot it into Theodore's pads and skated off. No emotion or extra effort. Thank god for Tyler Ennis.

Cody Hodgson still plays right? No more excuses bud 0 points in 7 games is becoming an issue.

Tyler Myers is VERY VERY much missed.

Well for all those hopeful fans root for the Hawks and Wings over the next two days and hope the Sabres can get two against Tampa on Monday. I however have checked out of this race, the players are disinterested so I guess I'll join them.


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I wouldn't say the players are disinterested when they came up just short in the shootout against a now healthy Panthers team. The Panthers have been a tough team to play against all season.

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