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  1. I can't believe people on here are bitching about this trade! We are pushovers at the moment languishing around worst in the league and you don't want a big body to grind and free up space for our so called "Goal Scorers"? Downie is exactly what this team lacks!
  2. So when do we start planning the parade Idaho????
  3. You didn't see him in Boston during the SCF's??
  4. The Flyers were looking to suck badly this season anyway. Playoff team at best. I want Hockey but no loss,
  5. I really think that they are shooting themselves in the foot with this lockout. I started watching and listening to hockey 45 years ago growing up in New Jersey going to EHL games and listening to the Hab's games in French on the radio. The Internet has widened the game worldwide with products such as Centerice etc. and now I can watch every game of my favourite team without having to wait 3 weeks for Hockey News to be delivered! Buy T-Shirts and other merchandise over the net as well. I love Hockey because it is an honest hardworking game without players posing with look at me every time they make a hit or score a great goal. There is no reason for this lockout in my opinion. The NHL is number 4 in major sports in the USA and may be overtaken by soccer if they keep going down this track.
  6. OzFlyer

    JFK a Hockey Fan?

    Though even some of his closest aides did not know at the time, Kennedy recorded more than 260 hours of Oval Office conversations, telephone calls and dictation into his Dictaphone. The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation has culled the highlights into a new book of annotated transcripts and two audio CDs. Some of the audio portions will be available online. Kennedy’s obsession with the cold war extended to the athletic rivalry with the Russians over hockey. In March 1963, he called up an old friend who had played hockey in the Olympics to complain about the American men’s hockey team losing to Sweden, 17-2. “Christ,” the president complained. “Who are we sending over there? Girls?” [Hidden Content]
  7. And they will have Mr,TeaParty (Tim Thomas) on the books as well!
  8. I picked him up when someone dropped him in a Fantasy League last season and was I smiling! I think he is like Hartnell- You would love him if he was on YOUR TEAM!
  9. I could not bring myself to vote on this topic. Yes, Bryz was bad last season but showed glimpses of what he could be. As a business decision you don't give up after one year, you work out how to make it work! Picking Pronger helps for one month, Briere could still have value in a trade but he is is still a heart and soul Flyers guy.
  10. More the graph then the player I was thinking of!
  11. Is it just me or is that graph with Malkin leading disturbing?

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