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Still a Carter fan



I have been a Carter fan since I was 16. It was my first jersey and his time here has meant a lot to me. With that said this site has a lot of Carter hate that quite frankly I wasn’t really expecting. So I’m going to attempt to defend some of the things that was said about the poor guy.

1) He partied too much: They’re hockey players. They all party like crazy. I went to college in Pittsburgh and ran into Talbot at the local college bars and it was widely known that he partied quite a bit but he wasn’t bashed by the city for it. Just because a young guy is in the NHL doesn’t mean he is going to stop being a young guy. It’s unfair to take away their youth and not be understanding that while Carter was playing for us his age range was 21-26 and that he put up huge numbers for us while he was here.

2) He wasn’t clutch for us in the playoffs: He was always hurt. In the 2009 he scored one goal in six games and he was playing with a separated shoulder. In 2010 he came back early from a broken foot and managed to average almost a goal a game for the 12 games that he did make it back for. In 2011 he had a knee injury during the playoffs. He had bad luck with us but he showed the dedication to play through these injuries. He is not the only player to have had injuries with us but Flyers fans seem to be the least patient with him.

3) He didn’t look like he was hustling on the ice: I spent years watching this guy play and that’s just how he skates. I learned this during the all-star speed challenge and he looked like he couldn’t have cared less but he was actually making really impressive time. He’s a big guy so he skates in a different fashion than say Danny Briere or even Mike Richards.

4) He wasn’t putting in the effort: Carter has always been the guy that gets the puck to the net. It’s just the puck doesn’t always go in. He had a couple stints where he wasn’t putting up numbers and that’s not because he wasn’t taking the shots. Sometimes dry spells happen. Even Ovechkin had a dry spell this year and Carter was still a huge scoring component every year we had him.

5) He missed the shot against Chicago: Campbell hit his stick and the goalie made the save. It’s as simple as that. Look at the shot again,


When Carter was traded he seemed truly upset to be leaving Philly. I believe that he loved it here and I just wish more fans would be willing to cut the guy a break. He may not have been your favorite player but he really doesn’t deserve the bashing that he’s getting. He called this city home for years and he won the Calder cup with us. I believe if luck had been on his side he could have been a major component in bringing Stanley home.

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For his size, Carter never fully utilized that when he was a flyer. The thing that sticks out the most in my memory of Carter's time is HIGH AND WIDE....He is a me first player and never really utilized his team mates. How many times could he have taken the puck into the zone but instead fired it high and wide only to have go the entire way back down the ice...Yes he has a phenomenal wrister and he is actually playing better with others since his move to LA. The hate he receives here is because people know the kind of talent he was capable of but all too often he chose not to exercise it due to injury, hangover, untied skate, or just plain not caring. Maybe his short exile to Columbus opened his eyes....

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Is this clotheshanger13? If so I apologize in advance, since we've already had this discussion.....

I don't wish Carter ill, I just don't understand the rush make him a great guy now that he finally (maybe) figured it out in LA.

1-Nobody cares about the partying. The Broad Street Bullies ALL lived at Rexy's and we loved them.

2- Injuries schminjuries, that's just an excuse, just because he played through them doesn't make him anything special in the NHL. Guys make contributions to the team while hurt all the time. The fact remains he was a no-show more often than not for 5 straight playoffs. He rolled up nice regular season numbers and then shrunk when it counted. 2 GWG in 47 playoff games is not impressive from a 40 goal regular season guy. Also your almost-a-goal-a-game stat for 2010 is a bit misstated:


3/4- These are really the same points. Hustling down the ice and taking an irresponsible high and wide shot that ends up going back the other way, or doing that loop around the net and fire a shot move do not make him a good hockey player, even though you can argue that they would seem to show effort. They are displays of bad hockey sense. I maintain that the majority of his time here he was a floater and a selfish player.

5-Yeah, Campbell hits his stick, I guess. He also had Niemi sprawled on his stomach and still managed to fire it right at him. I suppose by itself it's nothing to hang the guy for, but put together with the rest of his crappy playoff performances it becomes the centerpiece of a lousy playoff resume.

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