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We Got What We Wanted!



Most Blackhawks fans who had a preference, got what they wanted… the 2nd round opponent: The Detroit Red Wings (Scum).

The Blackhawks and Red Wings have met in the Stanley Cup playoffs 15 times, dating back to 1934. The beloved own an 8-7 advantage in the previous series. As many of you know already, this will be the final season the Blackhawks and Red Wings meet in the playoffs as Western Conference foes as the Red Wings will move to the Eastern Conference next season.

This season, the boyz in the Indian Crest won all four games against the Red Wings. The Blackhawks won 2-1 in OT at the Madhouse on January 27, won 2-1 in a shootout in Scumville on March 3, hammered the Scum 7-1 in Scumville and won 3-2 in a shootout at the Madhouse on April 12. Over the past two seasons the Mighty are 7-0-2 versus the Wings over the last two seasons.

So to Game 1 at the Madhouse…

I have waited for this series since 2010 as kicking the Scums azz in the playoffs that year would have made winning the Cup even better. Well that day is here and I expect the beloved to win this series in 6 games. Fans of the Scum can make all of the arguments they want that Zetterberg and Datsyuk are the equals to Kaner and Captain Serious, but Johan Franzen and Valteri Filippula are not Big Hoss or Sharpie and I repeat are not! Also consider the Mighty Blackhawks depth. The Scum can point to their youth, Nyquist, Eaves, Abdelkader, Brunner and Smith. But the boyz in the Indian Crest can point to Duncs, Sea Biscuit, Ledpipe, Hammer and O-do-ya! Also one must consider the depth of the Blackhawks and the speed and forechecking ability of the 3rd and 4th lines. The Scum may win 2, maybe 3 games in this series, but ultimately, they will lose because the Hawks will roll 4 competent, if not dangerous lines and have the NHL's deepest defense.

Expected lines for tonight are:

Saad - Tazer - Big Hoss

Kaner - Zus - Sharpie

Bicks - Rat - Shawzer



Duncs & Hammer

Sea Biscuit & O-do-ya

Rozsival & Ledpipe


The Crow

A few additional comments…

- The Crow has stopped 121 shots and allowed five goals in the four games against the Red Wings this season and had a 1.19 gaa.

- As previously mentioned, Stalberg sits tonight… Only 1 assist in 5 games against Minneehaha

- Top 10 Things You Need To Know About This Series

10. Detroit sucks.

9. Detroit sucks.

8. Detroit sucks.

7. Detroit sucks.

6. Detroit sucks.

5. Detroit sucks.

4. Detroit sucks.

3. Detroit sucks.

2. Detroit sucks.

1. Detroit sucks.


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This is my favorite series of Round 2. Looking forward to being fully entertained. Hope it goes 7.

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