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Time to Bury the Wild!



A few points on game 4…

Tuesday night in Minnehaha, the beloved Blackhawks played one of the best defensive games to date. When the Mighty are at their best, they are not necessarily a speed and finesse team or a physical team but a very, very, good defensive. Yes they got caught a few times pinching in the offensive zone but for the most part the Blackhawks executed one of their best defensive efforts, limiting the Wild to 25 shots, including 26 shots blocked shots and making it relatively easy for the Crow get the shutout.

Tonight, the Wild come to the Madhouse in desparation mode and I expect that tonight's game will be the Blackhawks biggest challenge of the series. The boyz in the Indian Crest better be prepared to weather an early storm as I expect the Wild to once again come out with everything that is left in their tank and get physical early similar to the opening minutes of Game 3. In still unknow as to who the Wild goalie will be… Yesterday coach Mike Yeo said, "We like to keep the other team guessing and we're not only not going to tell them who our starting goalie is, we won't tell them who our backup goalie is to really leave them in the dark." What a freakin of a joke Mike! There's a good chance that you and the rest of the Wild are equally in the dark about who their goalie will be tonight! All things considered, they would prefer it not be Kuemper. The Blackhawks will need to go out and play the type of game that got the them to where they are now, D-Fence, high energy, speed, and all four lines must contribute.

Expected lines for Game 5 are:

Saad-Tazer-Big Hoss





Duncs & Hammer

Seabs & O-do-ya

Rozsival & Ledpipe


The Crow

A few additional comments…

- Attention Captain Serious… Bicks has 3 playoff goals this year already. Anytime you’re ready buddy… we're waiting.

- In Game 4, the Blackhawks first two goals came off turnovers from … you guessed it the $198 million dollar men… Ryan Suter and Zach Parise. Money well spent! NAWT!

- The Blackhawk power play is only 1-11 in this series... Hello boyz!!! Start shooting on the power play and stop trying to set up the pretty and magical play!

Oh Yeah, will be watching this one from the Madhouse tonight! GO BLACKHAWKS!

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