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Leafs Bernier or Reimer- Who will be Traded?



Leafs Bernier or Reimer- Who will be Traded?


The Toronto Maple Leafs are shopping goaltender Jonathan Bernier, according to The Globe and Mail’s James Mirtle.  Bernier has defiantly had his struggles this season, but many thought his goaltending counterpart just maybe the one on his way out of Toronto.  27-year-old James Reimer is a pending UFA and there has been talk of him on the way out of town.  His play has been very good this year.  He has a very impressive .932 save percentage and a 2.10 goals against average in 24 games.  He has been plagued with injuries this season, but has really played well when healthy.  The question is will Reimer want to resign in Toronto?  It is not a secret that he has been disrespected and treated like garbage by management during his stay in Toronto. 


It looks as though Toronto will be in a difficult spot they want to sign Reimer and trade Bernier, but it is really hard to pull the trigger on Bernier if you are going to loose Reimer to free agency in the summer.  Leaving you with no goalie.  Looks like any trades just may be on hold until they resign or know they will not resign Reimer.  The likely destination for either of these goaltenders is Calgary.  The Flames have had horrific goaltending this season, and neither are likely to be resigned this off-season.  The Leafs and Flames have some history, the most obvious is the connection with Brain Burke.


NHL Trade Talk:  News and Notes

     By Staff Writer – Logan Heath


George Richards reports that the Florida Panthers have zero interest in Andrew Ladd. Could they be going after a bigger target, time will tell?  This completely disputes yesterdays report that Ladd may just be a target of the Florida Panthers.


Jimmy Murphy reports that numerous teams are on the Bruins scouting list for the game against Anaheim Ducks game last night: Islanders, Sabres, Flames, Hurricanes, Blackhawks, Kings, Wild, Canadiens (2), Predators, Devils, Rangers, Capitals and Jets.


Jimmy Murphy also reports that the scouts have told him to expect Loui Eriksson to be traded.  The Bruins may be scouting Sami Vatanen.


Could Sami Vatanen be a fit in Boston? Personally I feel over the past few seasons the Bruins have really gotten away from what made the team a Stanley Cup contender. They have lost that grit that they use to play with. This really defined what Bruins hockey was.


Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet has reported that teams have called for Alex Galchenyuk, but the Canadians have no interest in moving him. 


* Photo Credit - USAToday Sports Images



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I told the wife after the epic 3rd period collapse against the Bruins in game 7 several years ago that the Leafs should trade Reimer immediately. Not to blame him, but because he would never recover in the fishbowl that was Toronto. Some fans rallied to him, others railed against him, but he would live under a microscope from then on.

  And if you propose that the Leafs make the playoffs again, and face a game 7 once again, would you as a Leaf fan really want him in net? It is not a talent thing, it is an emotional thing. His psyche has to be permanently scarred. The last couple of years since the incident still playing in Toronto has to seem to be a jail sentence to him. I think Reimer in the right environment could salvage a career but the longer they wait to trade him the less likely that is going to be.

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Reimer was a rookie when the Leafs last made the playoffs. I give him a free pass. It wasn't Reimer that collapsed that night against Boston, it was the entire TEAM that collapsed. 

What should have happened is the team should have been back to the playoffs the following year to avenge that loss and move on. Instead, they regressed as a team and Reimer was never given another chance to play until Babcock arrived.

The Leafs absolutely buried Reimer, unlike the Penguins who kept sticking with Fleury. Fleury went from awful to amazing. He's had ups and downs, but Pittsburgh stuck with him. Compare that to Reimer, who has been the best Leafs goalie statistically in ages, and the team has never let him play more than ~35 games in a season? Has Reimer ever been the #1 guy for an entire season in Toronto? No.

When you look at his numbers (regular season and playoff), Reimer should be the #1 goalie and Sparks should be backing him up next season. No more goalie carousel. Reimer is on the cusp of greatness. It appears that he has "figured it out". If the Leafs trade him now, they may be watching him win several Vezina trophies elsewhere. :)

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I actually think that Reimer has been good for the Leafs.  But He has received zero respect.  If I was him I would leave the Leafs hanging like they have done to him so many times....

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