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The Website - A Page A Day - Prologue

More Hockey Stats


Original Post


Hello, hockeyforums.net, from Mr. Van Winkle...

This prolonged silence was caused by a lot of factors, led, naturally, by REAL LIFE™. But I also made a fundamental mistake in the infrastructure setup, and so I had to roll out a hastily patched setup when the season was starting; I then went back and worked on this infrastructure fix, the work which continued over three months and is now complete! Unfortunately, all this work will not be visible to the visitor, with possible exception of a slightly faster page loading - all the changes belong to the back end.

But now, once again, with REAL LIFE™ limitations I am able to work on improving the website look, speed and features. I am being somewhat torn apart since I also need to hone the models I'm using, but I decided the models can wait with half of the hockey season gone by now. In addition I'll try to put an extra effort to promote the site and made it more visible on the Web.

One of the things I was not able to complete is to release my code as the open source. This has also been put into a bottom drawer. However, I still welcome cooperation very much and will gladly share the code with people who would want to contribute to the project. The areas I could really use some help are:

  • JavaScript/HTML/CSS
  • MongoDB query and database optimization
  • SEO optimization

So if you feel like helping - drop me a mail.

Also I will begin a series "Website - A Page A Day", where I plan to describe each and every statistical page on the site because I have a feeling I haven't been clear enough with the explanations until now; moreover it will help me discover errors and inconsistencies that probably crawled through.


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