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THE DEBATE - Hockey Podcast - Oilers Gameplan, Headshots, and Rangers Rebuild?



THE DEBATE - Hockey Podcast - Episode 14



Debate 1 | Oilers Gameplan – How will Edmonton right the ship for next season?

 Debate 2 | Headshots – Is hockey trying to eliminate headshots?

 Debate 3 | Rangers Rebuild – Is it time for a rebuild in the Big Apple

Brad Burud and Blake Frairs are back at debating current topics in the NHL. On this episode they discuss the Edmonton Oilers and what the future game plan is for this underachieving team. Headshots keep happening and is the NHL taking this seriously, and the New York Rangers are talking rebuild. What will that entail and how long will Rangers fans have to wait to raise the Stanley Cup again?


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IMHO the Oilers are in a bit of trouble mostly because of poor drafting, trying to add veteran pieces such as Letestu and Maroon and hoping to catch lightning in a bottle is one thing sometimes you get lucky but more often than not it doesn't. 


  Take a look at a team such as Chicago or Pittsburgh, they have kept afloat with the elite core but to stay under the cap a flow of young hungry cheap players flows constantly. If a player doesn't work out, he was on the cheap and he is dispatched, quickly forgotten and replaced by the next hungry eager beaver. Edmonton doesn't have that. 

  Talbot is not an elite goalie, he is not even in the next class, he is middling and exposed by a mediocre defense, he is an Osgood type who will perform up to or down to the level of the team around him. Could you win a cup with him? Sure, possibly. Will be WIN the cup for you, carry the team when the seas are rough? No. Not a chance. 

  So IMHO the Oilers need to improve the pipeline and replace Talbot.

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I agree with your evaluation on Talbot.  Edmonton is in big trouble.  Fans will not be happy..

Thanks for listening!

Brad Burud

Inside Edge Hockey News


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