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This and that Rangers still trying


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Last night the Rags finished a weekend sweep of the Devils 5-3 giving them 52 points leaving them 4 points behind the Bruins in Hockey's best (by far) division. They are 5th in the league at plus 33 goal differential and playing outstanding hockey after a dreadful start to the year. It will probably be a bit too little too late but damn they are hard to play against and fun to watch right now.


  Marleau will break Gordie's all time games played in the NHL record today against Vegas playing for a team that didnt exist when Gordie retired against a club that didnt either. 


  Montreal continues to allow Vancouver and Calgary to hang around with mediocre play. One week they seem to be ready to try to move up to third, the next they look like they could be in danger of missing the postseason if one of the Western teams gets hot.


  A battle going on in the York home, my wife is a Jackets fan, I am a Wings fan, a look at the standings reveals the CBJ are only 1 point ahead of the Wings 39-38 both with 10 games remaining. We have a side bet on who finishes last. Gotta do something to keep it fun when the two teams you root for in the home are rock bottom. Actually the Wings havent played badly, if a team shows up and expects and easy win the Wings can and sometimes do knock them off. We play much worse in the second of back to backs as by then teams have our number.


 Blues/Coyotes/Sharks/Kings all fighting to see who gets swept in the first round by the 'Lanche or Knights. Truth is I am rooting for the Sharks to surprise and sneak in because they have half a dozen players who I really like and they are playing hard every night, they seem to get a short handed breakaway almost every game, Jones is not sucking, Kane isnt fighting but instead has turned into a true power forward. Odds are against them as they would have to leapfrog two teams but when you play every game in your own division they need las many two point games as possible and anything can happen.



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