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Caps v Bruins First Round

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Elsewhere I misspoke saying the Caps had not defeated the Bruins in regulation this year.   They did enjoy an 8-1 shellacking at Boston on April 11th.  Other than that, 4 regulation losses and 2 OT “wins” (if 3-on-3 can be considered real hockey.)  Advantage Bruins.


Of course they play Boston in a meaningless regular season finale tomorrow night.   Who would want to play, much less watch?  Can they let their AHL farm teams play?


Of course the bigger question is how many healthy COVID-Free Caps starters will be available once the real action starts.  Terrible time of year to be suffering in these regards.


(Well, Bayern Munich didn’t have Lewandowski and lost to Paris in the Champions League quarters...only to have Paris lose (might’ve anyway) to Man City in the semis with Mbappe out.  Stuff happens at the wrong time in lots of places.  Caps gotta figure out how to overcome, at least win 2 of the first 5 games, in time for healing to aid the cause.)

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Nice to see Ovenchicken finally get some ice time practice against AHLers.  We’ll wait and see how he and Backs (and Osher and Kuzy?!?) do against NHL competition this weekend.


It is very strange, by the way, to see this Washington franchise offer its McDonald’s “Chicken McNugget Minute” contest, rewarding fans if the team scores in the final minute of regulation.  (Which occurred in both of the last two games)...


...I mean, duh, what the heck are they thinking, this team is built around Ovie, it’s all about OVEN BAKED chicken not that Mickey D deep-fat-fried poultry!  Sometimes ya gotta wonder if anybody’s in charge here...

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For most of the year, the debate on which young Caps goalie, Ilya Samsonov or Vitek Vanacek, would lead the team in the playoffs, remained unresolved.  The consensus was not to go out of the way to trade for yet another netminder.


So...if you had 39-years and 359-days old backup Craig Anderson being the winning goalie for playoff game 1...you are tonight’s big winner!


As former late-night talk show host David Letterman was frequently wont to say:  “You can’t make this stuff up.”

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