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Trades and the Buffalo Sabres

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So in my last topic I was asked by @Digityman if maybe Miller may actually be a tradeable asset. First off even though Miller has expressed interest in wanting to stay with Buffalo through all the good, the bad and the ugly and full credit to the way he is playing right now making it a strong case he is Buffalo's tender for the long term I don't think he's untouchable.....

Honestly anything can happen, obviously you see what you can get for a player and if the deal is inticising enough you will make it.

I mean take Miller for example if some one is to offer up lets say for example Patrick Kane do you really pass up the opportunity to grab a star winger who Buffalo has seriously been yearning for since the says of dare I say Briere?..

In all honesty I would do a Miller for Kane deal in a heart beat A) because I'm a huge Kane fan and B) depth winger who you know can perform more consistently than not and is worth what he's getting paid..

Now if the dream of Patrick Kane to Buffalo were to be a reality I would love for Jonathan Toews to be here as well the blackhawk connection would be vital to the teams success, I dont care if we have to give up 58 first rounders(exaggerating obviously) to get him. I want Toews centring Kane and Vanek on the first line.. I would say something like maybe Derek Roy and a 1st rounder for Toews? or Derek Roy and a prospect for Toews...

Following up possibility for a Zach Parise type deal would take a player and a prospect to grab him from the Devils and I'm okay with that as long as we can make our 2nd line Parise Pominville Stafford.

If I'm Darcy I shake it up at or before the deadline yes this team is "gelling" right now but it was the same thing last year with Buffalo, a tremendous 2nd half team coming out of the all star break before the acquisitions of Ehrhoff, Reghier, and Leino..

You may be wondering now but if the Sabres trade Miller who will play goal the rest of the season, Enroth?

My answer is simply pick up a free agent goalie Marty Turco is waiting patiently for a team to pick him up, I'm sure he can be an asset especially if its in a rental type situation until we figure out what other #1 goalie options are available. Who knows maybe he might steal the show and become a long term asset to the team..

This is all wishful thinking of course purely all speculation on some possibilities, its not like I expect any of this to happen.

So what say you Buffalo Sabre fans? I pose you 2 questions

1) Who do you think could make this team better? and what do we give up to get these players

2) Do you think Miller is untouchable or not untouchable?


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I rarely expect any blockbuster type trades by the trade deadline anymore since the salary cap has been in place. Also most teams don't want to tinker with their team chemistry too much in the middle of the year. So imo, Miller isn't going anywhere, soon.

If you look at both the contracts of Miller and Enroth, Enroth has another year on his entry level contract and Miller has two more years. I think that situation is ideal to keep both for at least through the end of next season. Maybe then in the draft of 2013 Miller becomes tradeable.

Another way also to look at this is why would any team in a playoff hunt trade away a #1 star forward?

If Buffalo makes a trade prior to the deadline it will mainly be a trade that can better the team in the future. A player like Gaustad could bring about a reasonably high return I would think, but if I was the Buffalo GM, I wouldn't want to trade him. Boyes, Hecht, or Roy I think would be a far better trade option with Buffalo's best interest. There are teams out there with a desire to add offense prior to the deadline.

One of the things that I noticed in your post was that you did not mention the possibility of firing Ruff? Is he that untouchable?

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No way Chicago trade Toews. Especially for Roy and a 1st rd pick. I would love to have Patty Kane back in Buffalo however if a trade is done I don't think it will involve Miller. If Chicago is trading Kane it is for 2 reasons. One a shake up and 2 to get cap relief. They are not going to be thrilled about taking a goalie with 5.25 million dollar cap hit. You'd have to convince the Hawks Enroth is thier man and it will probably cost us Kassian or McNabb as well as a pick.

A Kane trade wouldn't happen until the offseason, Chicago needs him this year for a playoff run. However at the deadline I've been banging the Sam Gagner drum for two months now. Get Gagner now and Kane in the offseason and have a Vanek Gagner Kane first line. It looks like though Regier waited to long to nobody's surprise. Gagner with 12 points in 2 games is going to cost a kings ransom now. Any trade thats made will be an overpay for Gagner. Sabres are in no shape for an overpay. Stastny makes too much money no thanks. I would love Parise, but again that is a Draft/Offseason move. NJ is not trading him at the deadline they need to make the playoffs and go far to make money. They are in huge debt. So what I would do is call around to GMs and see what I can get for Roy, Boyes, Leopold, Gragnani, and Weber. Boyes is a UFA, Roy is Roy, Leo is a good vetern D-man a desperate team could overpay for and Weber and Gragnani could be go throw ins. I don't want to trade Gaustad anymore sorry Wings. This team needs him to lead.

Marty Turco?? We don't need him gambling on the bench and he would be Lalime 2.0.

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