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With only 4 games left for both the Wild and the Blues, the Wild have a 2 point lead in the standings for 2nd in the Central. The Wild have 1 remaining game on the road and 3 at home with 3 possible playoff teams remaining in the Predators, Flames, and Avalanche. They also have the Coyotes at home. These games could be tough for the Wild down the stretch, especially with the 3 possible playoff teams. 


The St. Louis Blues who are currently sitting 2 points behind the Wild in the Central also have 4 games remaining with 3 on the road and the final game at home. Two of the remaining teams they have to play are possible playoff teams in the Avalanche and Golden Knights and the other two are the Coyotes and Ducks on the road. Playing on the road is never easy, but the teams the Blues play seem to be easier than what the Wild have remaining. Both teams play the Avalanche who are on a small slide at the moment. 


This seems like it could go down to the last games.


Here is the way I see it falling:


Wild loses to Preds  while Blues win against Coyotes +1 St. Louis

Wild win against Coyotes while Blues win against Ducks +1 St. Louis

Wild win against Flames while Blues loses to Avalanche +2 Minnesota

Wild win in OT against Avalanche while Blues win against Golden Knights +1 Minnesota




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I would just like the Wild to be playing solid, consistent, smart hockey heading into the post season.
Despite me thinking they wouldn't be a factor in any playoff race at season's beginning, they have proved me wrong (thankfully!), with a complete team game, lots of toughness, exceptional goaltending (even from Talbot, if you can believe that!), and forwards who are having absolute career years.

Now, I won't say the Wild shouldn't be playing for home ice, because they should.
Both the Blues and Wild absolutely thrived on home ice this season, so there is no doubt in my mind that is an important factor in what looks like will be a first round series between the two teams.

But even if Minnesota ends up as the road team, they should still rely on what got them this far to begin with...and that is every player, to a man, doing their part.

Hard to know how the remaining games will shake out.
Teams that the Blues and Wild will be facing range from out of it and loose as can be...to already clinched and just playing out the string...to downright desperate.

I don't think any team, or players on any team, go into any match up, regardless of who it is against, with the mindset of, "Well, it'd be nice to win this, if we don't that's ok, we are in the playoffs".
At least, I HOPE our Minnesota Wild don't think that way. That is a recipe for disaster.

With the physical toll each and every game takes on these players' bodies, I would think they want to come away with the 'W' each and every time.
So, I think Minnesota plays to their potential as a group. Let the coaches decide if a player needs a maintenance or not, and go from there.

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I do hope the Wild come out with a W every time they hit the ice, but I do have to be realistic as well as the game is tough and physical. 


This team has definitely outshined what I thought was possible as well at the beginning of the season. They have depth, great defense, and even an offense. The goal tending has been outstanding and the addition of Fleury has added that needed depth there as well. I actually feel that Talbot deserved to get the first shot heading into the playoffs , but we will see how it goes. 


Home ice is always important, but not the end all in a series. Regardless the Wild will have to play top notch against the Blues each game and look to try and secure a W whether it be at home or on the road. 


I think if they go into each series with that mentality with taking each game at a time and trying to get that win and then move on then they will do fine. 

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