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Palat 5 yrs, $30 million

Brewin Flames

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Really gonna miss Ondrej Palat on TB's top six, on their PP, and his heroics when it matters most: in the playoffs.

That said, at 6M per, I can see why the Lightning simply couldn't afford to pay him that AND keep the other players they wanted as well.
Seems like a case where the needs of the many (Nick Paul, Mikhail Sergachev, Erik Cernak, Anthony Cirelli) soundly outweighed the needs of the one in Palat.

Palat will ALWAYS be "a Lightning champion" and I sincerely wish him the best of luck with what looks to be a highly charged offensive squad in New Jersey, but with HUGE question marks on defense.
Hopefully, the Devils don't try to turn Palat into something he is not, and just let him do what he did with the Lightning (create space for skilled linemates, play in the dirty areas to get the puck and get it to the snipers, and shoot himself when his more high profile linemates are covered), and he will be successful for NJ as well.

Thank you Palat for your service, time, and fun exploits on Lightning ice.

It's moves like this, when a player I really like gets moved elsewhere, that I tend to become a 'pseudo fan', even if only for a short while, of that team.
I will probably follow more NJ Devils games come next season, just like I followed more Stars games when Brad Richards went there (Rangers too), and I am a current bandwagon fan of the Canucks due to JT Miller (and I love Bo Horvat as well. ;) ), heck...I even became a closet Flyers fan when VLC and Radko Gudas were sent over there.

You are right about one big thing, @Brewin Flames, unless the Devils can actually make the playoffs, their fans won't know Palat's full value!
But he's got some great centers he can play on lines with up there.....they just gotta defend and stop the puck well enough to make it all matter!

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