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Oettinger Signs - 3Y/$12M


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Pretty solid deal for both sides.



Oettinger, 23, finished the 2021-22 season ranked 12th in the NHL with 30 wins, contributing to a record of 30-15-1. He recorded his 30th victory of the season on April 29, 2022, at 23 years, 132 days old, becoming the youngest goaltender in franchise history to reach the mark. Oettinger ranked 10th in the League with a 2.53 goals-against average and shared 15th with a .914 save percentage.


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7 hours ago, FireDillabaugh said:

The guy is 23 and has only played 86 NHL games(playoffs included) and gets an almost 3 mil AAV raise?  To me, this is another contract hoping a player earns it in the future.  Yes, his play deserved a raise.  But, this is a big raise for a young goaltender that's played 86 games.


It's for three years which is a plus. And "only" $4M.


The price benefits the player the term benefits the club.


Good deal.

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In an ideal world, I would've gone with $3.5M-ish AAV but the 3-year term is great (unless you're a Vasilevsky/Brodeur/Roy type of player, never sign a goalie for more than 3 years). Overall, it's a good deal.


Now the last spine in the Stars' foot: signing Roberston with $6.3M free in cap space... Hummm...

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