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Ovechkin, Caps in town today vs Sabres

Buffalo Rick

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An afternoon game I would like to see the Sabres start winning at home like they are on the road.  They are one of the best road teams in the  NHL.  But at home, not so good lately.  Earlier in the year they were great i the third period and that has pretty much been the case, but the bad starts have killed them at home.  Yet here they sit, in a playoff position and that is a rare thing this late in the season.  They have  a real shot as they have many games in hand on some of their competition like the Islanders and Florida.  I am not worried too much about Pittsburgh.  Washington is the bo beigger concern.  They ended a 6 game skid by beating the all of a sudden skidding Rangers, 6-3 in Ovy's return from Russia as his father passed away.  The Sabres need to come out guns a blazing and forget where they are playing. Maybe the Rangers are catchable?  Who knows.  The 7 or 8 seed would be rewarded with a first round matchup with Boston or Carolina or Toronto.  I hope its Carolina , because I hate them.  And I do not see Boston going out in first round or maybe at all.  Boston is the team to beat.  So here is to the Sabres beating Wash today.  This goalie merry go round is not likely to end.  Luukenen needs to play well and right now.  If not, he may be gone with the rest at end of season.  I wish Adams would do something right now.  Trade deadline.  I would love to get my hands on Brayden Schenn.  That guy is tremendous.  But a goalie would be nice too.  Is there any team that is out of the playoffs, that has a quality goalie they might consider moving?  I have some trade bait to dangle but Adams is the guy with the power. 

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