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Comcast Spectacor CEO Dan Hilferty Q&A


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From the Athletic ...take it FWIW....


Q: How involved in this hiring process will the senior advisers be — so Bob Clarke, Paul Holmgren, Bill Barber — how involved will they be in this process? And do you envision them playing a big role in driving the philosophical direction of the franchise moving forward? Specifically, I’m talking about team building.


OK, so let me say this to you. I’m so thrilled you asked that question.


Remember you asked me about how I became a tenacious Flyers fan? And I talked about the foundation that Ed Snider built. The three folks that were referred to as the “Three Wise Men,” and then others who are involved with us in one way, shape, or form. (Bob Clarke, Paul Holmgren, Bill Barber)


One — the fact that they are still part of the organization speaks to the vision of Ed Snider to build a family. And it speaks to the vision of Brian Roberts and Comcast, understanding that the past is prologue, and in order to build a bright future, you need to understand your foundational roots. To me, growing up where I grew up, these individuals are the foundational titans — and I use that word, I’m gonna be emphatic about it — the foundational titans of this organization. They will be part of the organization as long as I’m here, and they will be valued resources when asked to be valued resources. (emphasis mine)


All decisions related to hockey — including this hire — will be made by the folks that I mentioned to you. All decisions going forward related to hockey will be made by those three individuals: the new president, the new GM, and the coach.  (so is it safe to assume that Briere may or may not be the next Flyers GM and that no decision has been made.....)


The rest of us — certainly me and Valerie for business perspective, will weigh in as needed. And when asked, those folks who are the foundational titans  (Bob Clarke, Paul Holmgren, Bill Barber) of this great franchise will be ready and willing to give their advice if asked, when asked, and only if and when asked.

(Does this possibly mean hopefully there will be very little if any interaction the "foundational titans"?)


I truly will only believe it, if and when it happens ..... While I’m taking a wait-and-see approach here, the answer to the last question was exactly what I wanted to hear, a very tactful “butt out” to Barber, Clarke and Holmgren.


Hilferty says all the right words...and it appears that Hilferty certainly understands the Flyers...now execute!


The rest of the article is here ......



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