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Coyotes TV coversge

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2 hours ago, HockeyPuck said:

I have directv but can’t get coyotes televised. I tried channel 61 and center ice. Can someone help me?




As always with things like these, in addition to your provider (who is obviously DirectTV), what is available to you may depend on whether a particular game is being broadcast locally only, nationally and locally, or simply nationally.

Blackout restrictions likely apply depending on where you are as well.

I'm in the Twin Cities for instance, and I have Centre Ice (but with Comcast...ugh...), so even though the Minnesota Wild show on the schedule I HAVE to go through the local network to get the game as it is blacked out otherwise.
It really depends on what your particular area considers its' "home team"...you have to get that through whatever local network has the rights to that game.

Every once in a while, unfortunately, a game is NOT broadcast by the local network, yet their right holdings prevent other outlets from broadcasting it in the area where the original rights are held.
That means the fan of that team is SOL...unfair, but that's how it is sometimes.

If a local game is purely a national affair, usually you can it through whatever national provider (ESPN, ABC, TSN, for instance) you have access to, and perhaps NOT through Centre Ice.

Hope that helps.
I had to learn all that the hard way! 😬

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20 hours ago, Brewin Flames said:

Welcome to the forums....


Don't know much about streaming, but i have the center ice package, watching that game now, you should have it also.

I live in Arizona and center ice but coyotes games blacked even when there are games on major networks 

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52 minutes ago, HockeyPuck said:

Btw.   I have directv 

1) You already mentioned that in your 1st post.

2) @TropicalFruitGirl26 gave you a great response.

3) Did you actually purchase NHL Center Ice?  (This is an additional fee to Direct TV)

4) Call Direct TV and voice your complaints.



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