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Joe Pavelski to retire

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  I placed this in the Shark thread, not Dallas. I really have a hard time in any uniform except in San Jose.


  Joe Pavelski has been rumored for a bit that this would be3 his last season, it is now all but confirmed. Numerous sources have made it clear that he is going to retire, having played his last game in the NHL.


 I always liked him, even when the Sharks beat my Wings in back to back years in the second round Little Joe played clean hard solid two way hockey, just one hell of a player.

  He is retiring with 1332 games, 476 goals, 1068 points. A second team all star once, regularly recieved a ton of Selke votes as the leagues best defensive forward, his career high in goals was 41 in the 2013-14 season. He played a staggering 201 playoff games with 74 postseason goals, he never won a cup which is of course a huge drawback when thinking of players such as him but man he did everything right for so long. Just a brilliant player. Born in Wisconsin his numbers are right up there with most anyone born in the United states. Again he never won a cup but came painfully close twice, both seasons he had brilliant postseason numbers and the team went as far as they did on his back.


  I love to look at similarity scores to see what players someone is compared to, especially when thinking of the hall of fame. His most similar from the top ten are










  That is one hell of a fine bunch of players who are listed as comps, and it is what is hard for Joe, many went to the Hall, none have or wont, Elias, Tkachuk, Roenickw were great but not Hall great. Staal likely wont either. But a few made it to the Hall, Pavelski IMHO falls right in between. He never put up a 100 point season, hell he never put up a 90 point season but he was brilliant, knew his role, played it to perfection and was one of the classier men to have ever played the game. He would have my vote, IMHO Pavelski retiring takes the class level from the NHL down a notch or two. He was usally a second line center but he was a second line center behind Thornton who was a brilliant number one. Outside of San Jose where he could have been a number one on most every team he would have put up even better numbers. 

  One hell of a player, i have enjoyed watching him play for a long time. 





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