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Mid Season Grades


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Ok folks it is mid-season and I believe time for us to honestly evaluate this team as a whole. For arguments sake I have choosen the following format:

A=Far Exceeded Expectaions

B=Slighty Better than Expected

C=Average / Does his job / Steady player

D=Lower than what Expected

F = Failure / Far Lower Expectations

I = Incomplete

Note: you can give (+) or (-)


(D) Danny Briere - Possible buyout candidate. Huge contract. Great in playoffs. Seems invisible during regular season. Trade potential?

(C-) Sean Couturier - has regressed from last year. Soph. slump? misses Jagr?

(A-) Claude Giroux - slow start, seems to have picked up his game. 1st yr as Captain. too much too soon?

(B) Matt Read - Steady player. Really have no complaints

(C+) Zac Rinaldo - Does his job

(B+) Brayden Schenn - finally settling down into this team?

(B-) )Maxime Talbot - dosen't have the point production like last year, bold solid player

Left Wingers:

(D+) Ruslan Fedotenko - disappointed to say none the least. virtually invisible on the ice (gone after the season??)

(I) Simon Gane - nice to have back, however time for retirement?

(B) Tye McGinn - great upstart to this kid. looking forward to seeing him develop

Right wingers:

(B) Scott Hartnell - Hartnell is ...well Hartnell

(D-) Mike Knuble - stop gap measure. there is a reason he was unsigned. takes too many penalties. gone after the season

(A+) Wayne Simmonds - Love Him! No complaints

(A+) Jakub Voracek - Breakout Year! Love him. A steal from Columbus

(B) Harry Zolnierczyk - Dumb penalties at time. But ok with him


(C-) Braydon Coburn - Average this year. Not a #1 D-man. See other thread.

(F) Curtis Foster - Not an NHL player. Gone after this year

(F) Bruno Gervais - Not an NHL player. Gone after this year

(B) Nicklas Grossman - Steady. One of the lone standouts on defense.

(I) Chris Pronger - Career Over

(C+) Luke Schenn - Some (+) some (-)

(C+) Kimmo Timonen - A year older and step slower.


(C-) Brian Boucher - Meh

(B-) Ilya Bryzgalov - ok better than expected, still an average goalie, possible buyout at end of season.

Management / Coaching

(C+) Peter Laviolette - can't pull the magic like lst year. dealing as best he can with what he has.

(F) Paul Holmgren - props for trying for parise / suter / wber. Failed miserbly for the signings of Leighton / Lilja / Foster / Gervais. Letting Carle walk after pinning hopes on Weber / Suter. Letting Jagr walk.

There you have it...

Lets hear yours......

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Hartnell: C- Needs to work on conditioning and spend extra time working on skating

Giroux: C not performing to expectations, likes to get too cute with the puck, highly predictable on the powerplay, mails it in on some nights. Unacceptable for a captain

Talbot: C+/B- considering where he has been placed in the depth chart, he is doing what he should be but not excelling.

Timmonen: A- for his age, and injury history he has been an absolute workhorse

Schenn, L: B+ got off to a rocky start and had his share of bad games, but is doing well on a new team

The rest I agree with

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Rinaldo solid B+ Without question the best checking forward on the team at this point. Still no offense, but that doesn't matter.

Gervais C- Not a bad 6-7 option at all.

Coburn D+ His passing has been atrocious. We all know he can't shoot. But his skating, positioning, and first pass out of the zone have always been his strengths; he's been a "-" on all of those this year.

I agree with @Bertmega on L. Schenn.

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