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Scoring 5 on 5 & shoddy defense will be problems for Flyers


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With Holmgren continually signing guys in mid to late 30's it will be more of the same this year IMO

Scoring 5 on 5 was a big problem last year and adding 34 year old Vinny is a questionable signing

Can Hartnell score 30 goals again, what will Schenn and Couturier do will they produce

And the defense is a problem for me no goal scoring from Defensmen, who scores from blue line 5 on 5?

And pre season was a joke, with Lavvy on hot seat didn't show me anything

So bring on the season hoping for a deep playoff run but the way Mr. snider runs this team I think not

We need to have at least 2 losings seasons and get the #1 pick in a great draft to win the cup, but Mr. snider won't go for that, that's why no Cup in 40 years, if it's not working this way you need to change something, oh how do we like the Streit signing 35 year old to 5 year contract, oh but he started playing in NHL at age 26 not much wear and tear, SMH,

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@Mario99  It's a valid point. The Flyers were a HORRID 27th in the league scoring 5 on 5 with 0.86 pts per game. The leaders were the Hawks at 1.52 even strength goals per game, that is a HUGE swing. Only Florida and Calgary were worse 5 on 5. That is sickening. This must improve. Swapping out Vinny for Briere should help a bit, and the kids should score more, but this is something that has to be worked on. I think a big part of the problem was not enough solid break out passes by the defense, the Flyers propensity to dump and chase and some very sloppy neutral zone hockey.





 Hard to believe we were *that* bad.....wow.

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