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Flyers had 2 games that they had good chance to win and didnt

Guest Mario99

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Maple Leafs played their rival in Habs and were ripe to be beaten, then Montreal didnt look that good last night and arent IMO a good team

if we were interested in a fast start we should be 2-0, but much of the same as in preseason games

averaging 2 goals a game and coiunting exhibition we are 1-8-1

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@Mario99  Strongly disagree on Montreal not being a good team. They are VERY good and will only get better once the young forwards get more accustomed to the league. With each passing game, Lars Eller, Galanchuk and Gallagher all look more and more like all stars. If they were to get a legit star center, this team would be awesome. Plecanek is not a #1 center, but would make a great #3 kinda checking/scoring guy. Habs are only 3-4 players away from winning the cup, they are getting closer and closer. Lot's to like there.

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Jammer, Sorry i mis spoke, i should have said that last night they were not a good team, Max Pacioretty was out and Eller is off to a fast start, but any team with Price in goal should be a playoff team

i just think they are a little small up front, but Moen and Max should help Galenychuk is a good young player

check my favorite hockey team its Montreal Canadiens

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