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Seguin doing his talking on the ice...


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After what must have been a challenging summer (the partying reports, the trade, the tweets) Tyler Seguin finally seems to be letting his play do the talking. Four points last last (2G, 2A) and displaying the skills that made Boston draft him. Hopefully he has had a wake up call and is belatedly maturing a little. The change in scenery certainly seems to be helping him, as does playing in a relatively anonymous market.


An interesting article in the Dallas News:


Seguin is an interesting study in several elements of hockey business. Did the Boston Bruins do the right thing by unloading a player who was just 21 and was taken second overall in the 2010 draft? Did Jim Nill give up too much when he surrendered Loui Eriksson and prospect Reilly Smith, Matt Fraser and Joe Morrow for Seguin, Rich Peverley and prospect Ryan Button? Was Seguin’s maturity a problem in Boston? Will the Stars be better equipped to handle any maturity problems now that Seguin is playing outside the hockey-mad northeastern U.S.?

There’s a lot to digest there.

Seguin said he has enjoyed walking through Dallas’ streets with a little anonymity.

“I always thought when I was growing up that I wanted to be recognized for the sport I play, and obviously Boston got a little overwhelming at times,” he said. “Now, I can go and just have a quiet lunch. It’s a nice break. It’s a different scenario and a different atmosphere in Dallas.”

And while that might help his development, he knows the key to his happiness is on the ice. He and Benn had looked only so-so in their first two games together, as each had one assist. But the game they played Friday was effective and fast.


Of course, he’s doing that while moving from right wing to center and playing on a new team in a new conference. But with nights like Friday it seems like a good change.

“It’s been awesome,” Seguin said. “It’s definitely a fresh start.”



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It's easy for us to knock the kid. I wonder how many of us would have the maturity at 21 as a millionaire cup champion going for your 2nd to NOT party? Seriously, remember 21? Looks like he just needed a wakeup call and he's fine. Good for him.

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