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Alex Edler Suspension is BS


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I am all for players safety from bad hits or hits to the head but Shanni has this one all wrong - after all the views of the Tomas Hertl Alex Edler collision that I saw - BAM!  That is exactly what it was - it was a collision of two players, not a hit to the head by Edler on Hertl - both were going for the put from different angles and it was Tomas Hertl litterally running into Alex Edler's shoulder with his head and Hertl bouncing off him - am I the only one that see's it that way?  The suspension is BS! Edler did not even try check Hertl,he was going straight for the pucks, he merely braced himself for the hit. And I am surprised that I have heard no TV commentaters or analysts say a word other-wise about this collision resulting in suspension ( C'mon Don Cherry!).

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Wow, a Bruins fan sticking up for a Nucks' player? Gosh, thanks, man! :D ...I totally hear what you're saying on your description of that collision, I thought exactly the same thing when they first showed the instant replays when it happened in the game. But after looking at it a few more times, I did notice that Edler tilts his head just a bit to the right, just before impact, which looks like he had some intent to hit him. The major negative against him in this instance, is that Edler has a bit of a history of these kinds of hits...that combined with the fact that they are cracking down so much on any hint of head contact, is what worked against him.  Granted this case is not as obvious as other intentional head contacts, or even certain brutal 'boarding' calls, but I guess they are wanting to crack down & send a message.  I would want it to work the other way as well, meaning, I don't want our players getting their heads contacted by other players either, so hopefully, rulings like this will weed out such plays.

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