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  1. Cool I like that quote too, cuz Harding is da bomb! I was actually able to watch the first 2 periods thanks to hf101, I streamed from serioussportstv.net, love it! But for some reason, it dropped the signal for the 3rd period & I just couldn't get it back. Of course, when it got tied up 2-2, right? lol! Oh well, I saw most of it, so that was great. Minny did a lot better than I expected, so good for them. A tight game is always exciting. I'll have to catch the highlights I missed last nite of the 3rd & the SO. Hate SO's, even though Hawks won, one of the most unfair things to measure the game by. (I mean, could that make the game more tilted? Place all the sharpshooters of the Hawks up against Minny's shooters? No comparison. What's your take?) :unsure:
  2. LOL! I know, it sounds so bad! But when it was booked, I was getting so disgusted with the Nucks & basically almost didn't want to watch anymore hockey!! :unsure: lol
  3. Congrats to the Wings tonite on an important win (& even more importantly, beating the Bruins to boot! That part I really like!) I was only able to watch, thx to @hf101 telling me about seriousportstv stream...so caught the 3rd. That breakaway by Nyquist was a true thing of beauty. I could seriously watch that replay several times! I haven't caught many Wings games this season, but what a performance tonite. Incredible.
  4. Yah I don't mind losing a few to the Wild, I like them as well & they're an underdog sort of team for me, which I also like to root for (even though Harding, my fave, is not able to play right now). I like Zach Parise too. So that will actually be a fun game for me to watch, but in the end, I'm still rooting for the Hawks (as long as it's not an all-out slaughter of Minnie, I wouldn't like that too much, heh heh). PS-- Groan, I don't believe it...I just checked & the game's on TSN2 again...geeze louise I gotta get that channel next season! GRRR!! (You may have to give me the play-by-play!)
  5. Thanks Hawkie! Yah on second thought, it may not be do-able. With the internet rates on the ship & streaming live games, I may as well buy my own sports bar! Those rates are astronomical. But I guess don't feel too bad for me, I'll be in the land of pineapples & palm trees....
  6. Yo Joe, I hear rumours that Torts may be available again by summer...I think he's gonna take the fall for the implosion of the Nucks, not Gillis. @MadisonSquareGuardian Welcome! And I'm happy for the Rangers that Vigneault seems to have worked out well for you...about time they were given a fighting chance. . Torts & the Nucks...not so much. (I was a Nucks fan up until recently & their downward descent from Jan 2014). I honestly used to ABHOR watching the way Torts would treat the Rangers, throwing hissy fits on them & totally humiliating them in front of everyone. Hopefully now, with what he's made out of the Nucks, he's been taken down a few notches. But I'm not holding my breath.
  7. I'm gonna be away towards end of April for a couple weeks, mainly on a cruise ship (only 1 of 2x a yr they do this itinerary), & wondering what's the best way to watch the games online? Do I have to buy the NHL Network package? I was on a ship last yr & to my surprise, there was no real sports bar to watch hockey (like some ships have) & anyway I want to watch as many games as I can. I know you can buy a Wi-fi package on the ship. I'd have to bring my netbook (don't have an iPad). Anybody else been in such a situation?
  8. I watch til the end every year. I will never root for LA or Boston though. Like EVER. It will be fun to root for a team this year that actually HAS a chance at the Cup. I think this is gonna be a real fun playoffs to watch overall.
  9. Wow how did that happen tonite? I flipped the channel & saw 4-1! What?! The Canes can do it but the Hawks can't, sigh.
  10. When Vancouver actually had a team (ie. pre-2014), I cheered for them mainly cuz I'm born & raised there, but not a die-hard, gung-ho, season ticket-holder fan-type. The 2 other teams I liked to follow a bit were the Wild (cuz I rooted huge for Josh Harding but also watched when Backstrom was in net) & Stars cuz I love watching Seguin, as well as Benn when they play together & others. As far as respect for a team, I gained huge respect for the Hawks watching them in last year's playoffs vs Bruins, so I liked watching them as well. But now that Vancouver no longer has a real team to get behind, the Hawks have become my fave team & I still like watching the Stars & Wild (but not as much now that Harding hasn't been able to play).
  11. Or even worser than worse, a Nucks fan :blink: ...& as Forrest Gump said, 'That's all I'm going to say about that.' @Chicago Hawkie The nice thing Hawkie is that Kaner & Toews will be back for the playoffs, the most important time. But I know what you mean, thinking about facing the Blues, Kings, Ducks & (cough) Boston and the like, 't'aint gonna be no easy feat! (I basically just don't want Boston winning the Cup....please!)
  12. Wow that's great news about Vokoun..for awhile there, I wasn't actually even sure if he'd be back at all. Those clots can be so dangerous & 'iffy'. Yah Zatkoff seems to have turned out good for you guys, I've watched him play a bit. You guys are pretty solid in that dept, now hopefully MAF keeps it up for the playoffs & shakes the past stuff off. No matter what, just be glad you're not in a horrific netminding situation like the Nucks are, they have painted themselves into a corner this year in so many ways. :wacko:
  13. Well I was rather shocked that none of the Hawks did, very shocked actually. But it seems the concensus on the team was that it was a fair hit, just my guess & maybe Q warned them at intermission not to retaliate & take bone-head penalties (not like some other teams, ahem) as they were already behind in the game. The Hawks aren't known for their fighting anyway & have the least PIM's in the league I believe? Yes, a part of me wanted some payback but on the other hand, it was refreshing to see a team take a higher road for a change, after years of watching all the crap that the Nucks pull & turn the whole team into a joke. (There's standing up for your teammates & then there's taking it to a whole other ridiculous level). It was just refreshing for me, I guess is what I was getting at. And yes I'm all for 'you should take as good as you give'...just not the way the Nucks do it, you know, the bone-headed way.
  14. Thanks bud. It's nice to be missed, heh heh. Yah I was having some depression issues throughout Dec so I really dropped off the map. Then as I started to improve overall healthwise, it enabled me to engage in more activities, so then I got so busy & had to prioritize where I focused my energy as I gained it back. That combined with becoming more & more disgusted & disenchanted with the Nucks, I had nothing much to say/report on them. But I hope to hop on here more often again, esp with the excitement of the playoffs building. Letang's situation reminds me of Vokoun's...I really liked watching him play too, & when he was suddenly off the active roster I was shocked...due to blood clots right? I haven't heard any further news about him though, wondering what his current situation is. Poor guy, it didn't seem like there was a whole lot that could be done in his case. And he was so good in the playoffs. Damn when these things happen.
  15. Tbh, I didn't think I'd like the mask myself, but when I finally saw him in it the other nite, I thought it looked pretty damn cool, the details & colour shades on it...pretty sharp. But I always have a thing for what details/designs are on goalie masks, whatever team it is...I just like them. Some I like better than others (eg. I wasn't crazy about Lu's vintage style mask on the Nucks & neither crazy about his Panthers mask either), but Miller's new mask gets my vote. Just love that shade of blue.
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