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  1. Cool I like that quote too, cuz Harding is da bomb! I was actually able to watch the first 2 periods thanks to hf101, I streamed from serioussportstv.net, love it! But for some reason, it dropped the signal for the 3rd period & I just couldn't get it back. Of course, when it got tied up 2-2, right? lol! Oh well, I saw most of it, so that was great. Minny did a lot better than I expected, so good for them. A tight game is always exciting. I'll have to catch the highlights I missed last nite of the 3rd & the SO. Hate SO's, even though Hawks won, one of the most unfair things to measure t
  2. LOL! I know, it sounds so bad! But when it was booked, I was getting so disgusted with the Nucks & basically almost didn't want to watch anymore hockey!! :unsure: lol
  3. Congrats to the Wings tonite on an important win (& even more importantly, beating the Bruins to boot! That part I really like!) I was only able to watch, thx to @hf101 telling me about seriousportstv stream...so caught the 3rd. That breakaway by Nyquist was a true thing of beauty. I could seriously watch that replay several times! I haven't caught many Wings games this season, but what a performance tonite. Incredible.
  4. Yah I don't mind losing a few to the Wild, I like them as well & they're an underdog sort of team for me, which I also like to root for (even though Harding, my fave, is not able to play right now). I like Zach Parise too. So that will actually be a fun game for me to watch, but in the end, I'm still rooting for the Hawks (as long as it's not an all-out slaughter of Minnie, I wouldn't like that too much, heh heh). PS-- Groan, I don't believe it...I just checked & the game's on TSN2 again...geeze louise I gotta get that channel next season! GRRR!! (You may have to give me the pla
  5. Thanks Hawkie! Yah on second thought, it may not be do-able. With the internet rates on the ship & streaming live games, I may as well buy my own sports bar! Those rates are astronomical. But I guess don't feel too bad for me, I'll be in the land of pineapples & palm trees....
  6. Yo Joe, I hear rumours that Torts may be available again by summer...I think he's gonna take the fall for the implosion of the Nucks, not Gillis. @MadisonSquareGuardian Welcome! And I'm happy for the Rangers that Vigneault seems to have worked out well for you...about time they were given a fighting chance. . Torts & the Nucks...not so much. (I was a Nucks fan up until recently & their downward descent from Jan 2014). I honestly used to ABHOR watching the way Torts would treat the Rangers, throwing hissy fits on them & totally humiliating them in front of everyone. Hopefully n
  7. I'm gonna be away towards end of April for a couple weeks, mainly on a cruise ship (only 1 of 2x a yr they do this itinerary), & wondering what's the best way to watch the games online? Do I have to buy the NHL Network package? I was on a ship last yr & to my surprise, there was no real sports bar to watch hockey (like some ships have) & anyway I want to watch as many games as I can. I know you can buy a Wi-fi package on the ship. I'd have to bring my netbook (don't have an iPad). Anybody else been in such a situation?
  8. I watch til the end every year. I will never root for LA or Boston though. Like EVER. It will be fun to root for a team this year that actually HAS a chance at the Cup. I think this is gonna be a real fun playoffs to watch overall.
  9. Wow how did that happen tonite? I flipped the channel & saw 4-1! What?! The Canes can do it but the Hawks can't, sigh.
  10. When Vancouver actually had a team (ie. pre-2014), I cheered for them mainly cuz I'm born & raised there, but not a die-hard, gung-ho, season ticket-holder fan-type. The 2 other teams I liked to follow a bit were the Wild (cuz I rooted huge for Josh Harding but also watched when Backstrom was in net) & Stars cuz I love watching Seguin, as well as Benn when they play together & others. As far as respect for a team, I gained huge respect for the Hawks watching them in last year's playoffs vs Bruins, so I liked watching them as well. But now that Vancouver no longer has a real team t
  11. Or even worser than worse, a Nucks fan :blink: ...& as Forrest Gump said, 'That's all I'm going to say about that.' @Chicago Hawkie The nice thing Hawkie is that Kaner & Toews will be back for the playoffs, the most important time. But I know what you mean, thinking about facing the Blues, Kings, Ducks & (cough) Boston and the like, 't'aint gonna be no easy feat! (I basically just don't want Boston winning the Cup....please!)
  12. Wow that's great news about Vokoun..for awhile there, I wasn't actually even sure if he'd be back at all. Those clots can be so dangerous & 'iffy'. Yah Zatkoff seems to have turned out good for you guys, I've watched him play a bit. You guys are pretty solid in that dept, now hopefully MAF keeps it up for the playoffs & shakes the past stuff off. No matter what, just be glad you're not in a horrific netminding situation like the Nucks are, they have painted themselves into a corner this year in so many ways. :wacko:
  13. Well I was rather shocked that none of the Hawks did, very shocked actually. But it seems the concensus on the team was that it was a fair hit, just my guess & maybe Q warned them at intermission not to retaliate & take bone-head penalties (not like some other teams, ahem) as they were already behind in the game. The Hawks aren't known for their fighting anyway & have the least PIM's in the league I believe? Yes, a part of me wanted some payback but on the other hand, it was refreshing to see a team take a higher road for a change, after years of watching all the crap that the Nuck
  14. Thanks bud. It's nice to be missed, heh heh. Yah I was having some depression issues throughout Dec so I really dropped off the map. Then as I started to improve overall healthwise, it enabled me to engage in more activities, so then I got so busy & had to prioritize where I focused my energy as I gained it back. That combined with becoming more & more disgusted & disenchanted with the Nucks, I had nothing much to say/report on them. But I hope to hop on here more often again, esp with the excitement of the playoffs building. Letang's situation reminds me of Vokoun's...I really l
  15. Tbh, I didn't think I'd like the mask myself, but when I finally saw him in it the other nite, I thought it looked pretty damn cool, the details & colour shades on it...pretty sharp. But I always have a thing for what details/designs are on goalie masks, whatever team it is...I just like them. Some I like better than others (eg. I wasn't crazy about Lu's vintage style mask on the Nucks & neither crazy about his Panthers mask either), but Miller's new mask gets my vote. Just love that shade of blue.
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