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  1. Are you seriously leaving? If so, go luck in the future thank you for serving in the Air Force! Here is hoping you aren't one of those shot police officers like Robert Butter of Kennedy Township! 

    1. notfondajane


      Here's hoping you aren't one of those **** police officers like Robert Butter of Kennedy Township!

  2. Should be a good game. The Pats won by 11 with Ben out in the regular season. This one should be a lot more competitive. Though Ben doesn't have the best road game there...
  3. Gotta be a system thing too. He's been paired with Cole against the top opponents for awhile now. Maybe it's the system or maybe he just needed a confidence boost?
  4. Me was grabbing his knee before he even hit the boards. I still feel he's top two or three d-men in the league with his talent but he seems more and more fragile.
  5. I was pretty angry about the call so it doesn't surprise me Sullivan let them have it.
  6. Might I remember correctly the call was against Schultz when he was the one actually fouled. I remember thinking they'd really screwed that pooch.
  7. The Pens will suck first game back I'm thinking. They usually hurt after three day breaks let alone a full week.
  8. Look at the shoulder between the shoulder blades. He did go high.
  9. Strongly disagree. Moore looks up to the boards for chipping the puck up. Wilson is in his blind spot all the way. Wilson doesn't pull up, and his shoulder hits Moore dead between the shoulder blades. I'm not saying he was trying to kill him, but he went for a hard hit in a reckless manner that deserves punished. We teach bantam players that when you see the numbers that's a no go. We reinforce that with a ten minute misconduct for doing so. This is no different.
  10. Fleury really played well in relief. Hopefully he stays sharp.
  11. While scrolling down on "a storm across the valley " nossagog was flagged. This wasn't supposed to be! I'm not understanding why this happens! 

  12. I used to follow very closely. But the recent decision making by the NFL has me boycotting this season. Lol
  13. They've handled it well. Impressive really when you think about how they've battled through it.
  14. Only bright side is it has allowed Schultz to really step up more. He's been phenomenal.
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