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  1. Are you seriously leaving? If so, go luck in the future thank you for serving in the Air Force! Here is hoping you aren't one of those shot police officers like Robert Butter of Kennedy Township! 

    1. notfondajane


      Here's hoping you aren't one of those **** police officers like Robert Butter of Kennedy Township!

  2. While scrolling down on "a storm across the valley " nossagog was flagged. This wasn't supposed to be! I'm not understanding why this happens! 

  3. Hey, Polaris.


    Tried sending you a PM regarding some possible NAHANA business, but it says you cannot receive messages.

    Is this correct? Do you have them off? Or is there some restriction or error that should not be there?


    Anyways, had a thought regarding some player movement I wanted to discuss in private.

    If interested in what I have to say, and you have messages turned off, consider letting me send one through.



  4. Why apologize? I am close to what you believe! I'm hoping that Obama is true to his word and sets Trump up for success. If so, manufacturing should pick up in about 2- 2 1/2yrs. If not, 31/2-4 yes!

  5. I read some of your comments in Trump vs Clinton... Prediction and agreed with what you had to say! (You would be one of the extremely few police officers that I might be able to get along with!

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    2. notfondajane


      Don't have to apologize, I am very close with the same beliefs! I hope Obama stays true to his word and sets Trump up for success! ( though doubtful). If he is true to his word, manufacturing will start to pick up in about 2years if not I'm guessing 3 1/2 years!

    3. Polaris922


      I just think Trump gets us back to reasonable finances and constitutional government.  Obama was a failed experiment and Clinton would be catastrophic. 

    4. notfondajane


      To bad Obama was elected twice (don't blame me I didn't vote for him, twice)! 

      What I am hoping for is manufacturing to start back up! I'm hope steel comes back to Pittsburgh (I doubt it). Plus what is going on with education, steel would be a bonus! 

      I'm hoping Obama care is repealed. (Is it possible?) Though I have healthcare through where I work it still cost me a nice penny!

  6. I accidentally flagged yave1964 comment about a Miller's save on Zetterberg,( I think) I would like to correct that mistake! I went to hf but could not type a message! Thank you for helping out!

  7. I duplicated a topic in the Pens forum. is it possible to delete one? Thanks!

  8. Thanks brother. Our region is pretty pro-police. But I've gotta be honest, with the persecution these days I'm looking forward to retirement in a few years.
  9. Just remember.. in many of those videos she turned out to be correct LOL
  10. Reasons why Sarah Palin is dumb by Sarsippius
  11. What hockey forums critics know of Palin's Governance - by Ruxpin (sorry buddy I had to! I'm trying to avoid political debates but you guys make it difficult!)
  12. "List of Alaskan governor's more successful than Sarah Palin" by.... Uhh... All those criticizing her
  13. My sentence for violating federal laws by Hillary Clinton
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