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  1. Should be a good game. The Pats won by 11 with Ben out in the regular season. This one should be a lot more competitive. Though Ben doesn't have the best road game there...
  2. Gotta be a system thing too. He's been paired with Cole against the top opponents for awhile now. Maybe it's the system or maybe he just needed a confidence boost?
  3. Me was grabbing his knee before he even hit the boards. I still feel he's top two or three d-men in the league with his talent but he seems more and more fragile.
  4. I was pretty angry about the call so it doesn't surprise me Sullivan let them have it.
  5. Might I remember correctly the call was against Schultz when he was the one actually fouled. I remember thinking they'd really screwed that pooch.
  6. The Pens will suck first game back I'm thinking. They usually hurt after three day breaks let alone a full week.
  7. Look at the shoulder between the shoulder blades. He did go high.
  8. Strongly disagree. Moore looks up to the boards for chipping the puck up. Wilson is in his blind spot all the way. Wilson doesn't pull up, and his shoulder hits Moore dead between the shoulder blades. I'm not saying he was trying to kill him, but he went for a hard hit in a reckless manner that deserves punished. We teach bantam players that when you see the numbers that's a no go. We reinforce that with a ten minute misconduct for doing so. This is no different.
  9. Fleury really played well in relief. Hopefully he stays sharp.
  10. I used to follow very closely. But the recent decision making by the NFL has me boycotting this season. Lol
  11. They've handled it well. Impressive really when you think about how they've battled through it.
  12. Only bright side is it has allowed Schultz to really step up more. He's been phenomenal.
  13. I don't think you saw enough of Lemieux then. He was very fast on his feet and made it look effortless. He blew by many defenders on a regular basis. Hall of Fame defenders as well. His stride was long though and many confused it for being slow, but he still broke away tons. Miss for the video clip, you'd catch him too with your stuck between his legs
  14. Can't really see anything from the Vlasic issue on a phone. Surely there's better video somewhere?
  15. Was a cheap shot he took it seemed at the game. I know he expected a penalty but of course there was no call.
  16. Crosby already has a ton of accomplishments that guarantee he's not forgotten. He's been unquestionably better than Ovechkin because he plays pretty solid defense on top of his obvious offensive talents. Barring injury he'll more than eclipse the 500 goal mark, yet still gets his assists.
  17. People started that here a couple years ago and it's annoying as hell. Absolutely stupid. But I just watch the game and now it's extremely rare to hear. I believe it started here with Rick Flair on the radio talking to Mark Madden. They're old wrestling buddies.
  18. He posted this himself saying people are getting way too good on the Internet...
  19. Hes had a bad year so far. A few flashes of his old self but I can't begin to count the number of mistakes he's made that have led to goals against. It's frustrating because he had such a good rookie season. I wonder if something that happened health wise has had a long term effect on him. He's shown flashes of his old self but few and far between.
  20. Your boys started off well at least in the first and third. They came out with speed and had opportunities. And on one particular power play they had what... Three two On ones? The Pens were just more persistent and pressed over and over, finally solving Andrrson and pressing on from there. Good game to watch though for stretches.
  21. Fast paced game so far... 1-0 leafs but the ice seems to be shifting in our favor.
  22. @ruxpin I know we were opposing in this election, but you don't have to like that my teams are off to a slow start!!

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