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  1. Why does anyone have to be booted? Can't they all just get along?
  2. Oh, I got the whole Volvo/box angle. But what does that have to do with a quota? Help me out here brain-brother.
  3. Why can't we have both Karlsson and Backstrom? Is there a quota for Swedes?
  5. A lot of those threads are amusing. I honestly can't comment on the trade one way or another EXCEPT that apparently if the Stars make the conference finals the 2nd rounder they included becomes a 1st rounder. Can you imagine losing a 1st round pick (even a late one) for Kris Russell/Andrew MacDonald?
  6. I'm not saying anything really. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't even know the guy's name. Although I think the general reaction among Flyers fans when MacDonald was acquired was a bit more positive than what Dallas fans are saying about Russell. Of course, that was before That Contract.
  7. I see your buddy got traded to Dallas. I see Dallas fans are not amused. Chicago fans seem pretty happy though. [Hidden Content]
  8. Being able to skate like that AND dangle like that at the same time... blasphemy.
  9. Just in case the image doesn't show up (didn't always work for me) here's the link:
  10. Apologies for the link to "another forum" but I couldn't figure out how to get the url of this gif. Ok, I can't get the image to show up. Go to the Flyers prospects thread on hfboards: [Hidden Content] Go to post #342 on page 14. You won't be sorry.

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