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  1. @TropicalFruitGirl26 Thanks! I would also like to see Minny-Chicago. It would be a rematch of last year's first round and it will be an easier travel time for the Hawks. It won't be an easy series for the Hawks, though ... the Avs are a scary team yet you're going to Game 7. I hope that if our teams match up, it will be a well-played series and the Hawks can stay out of the box.
  2. I can't wait to watch this one! The Bruins get two Original Six teams in a row. I was pulling for the Wings against the Bruins (and I was visiting my family in Michigan during the series) and will likely be cheering for the Habs in this upcoming series (although I would like to see a Hawks-Bruins rematch if both teams make it again).
  3. I won't bother with posting a poll this time ... we can just post about who we'd like the Hawks to face in the 2nd round on this thread. I would rather have the Hawks face Minnesota, since they are geographically closer than Colorado, but they will not be an easier opponent (Look what they're doing against Colorado! That series is going all the way!). Whichever team the Hawks meet next round ... get ready for a throwdown of a series!
  4. Well, I was not expecting this game to end as it did. It could have gone the Blues' way in the second period, when they had all those power plays, but the Hawks weathered that storm and came out of it stronger (although I think Coach Q gave the guys a talking-to between the 2nd and 3rd period). It was a tough series and the Hawks had to work some issues out vs. intradivisional rivals, but we made it!
  5. Series tied! It's anyone's series now! Which Hawks team will show up? Hopefully not the one I watched in Game 2. I still think the Hawks could do better, but we'll take a series tie now. The Hawks need to keep the puck away from Tarasenko, though ... he's (almost) killing us!
  6. @ruxpin @Vanflyer Perhaps the Hawks could have been up two games to none at the time and hence could be done with this series ... but I didn't think they really brought their "A game" in the first two games. One thing that always irks me about the Hawks sometimes is that they get into these ruts where they can't stay out of the box. I didn't like Seabrok's penalty, either ... I get trying to make a hit, but I think he really overdid it. The Hawks have been better since Game 2 but made some risky turnovers in Game 3.
  7. Hawks down 2-0 in series Well, this sucked. After losing Game 1 in a heartbreaker 3OT loss, I was expecting Chicago to come back and play Blackhawk hockey. What I saw today was not Blackhawk hockey. What I saw was a load of you-know-what. Come on, Hawks ... you're better than this! You're better than taking foolish (and dangerous) penalties like the one Seabrook took (What the hell was he thinking?! One of our better clutch players and he takes a major penalty?!). You're better than making a parrade to the penalty box and running out of your way to hit everything in sight just to prove ... what? That we're bigger and tougher than the Blues? The Hawks should prove how good a team they are on the scoreboard, not in the penalty box!! The Blues have been the better team in this series thus far and the Hawks have also helped the Blues win by beating themselves, as well. The Hawks, on the other hand, deserved to lose this game.
  8. Thanks to all for the replies! I agree that the Hawks have a better chance vs. the Blues.
  9. The Blackhawks will face the St. Louis Blues in the first round. It's going to be a grind of a series. I think the Hawks may have a good chance to win this series, but it will not be easy. Toews and Kane are slated to be back soon, also. I'll be in Michigan visiting family next week throughout the bulk of this series ... my dad and bro will be kind enough to allow me to watch the Hawks there since they will not be on as the same time as the Wings ...
  10. The Hawks will meet either the Blues or the Avalanche in the first round. The Hawks have not fared well against either team overall this season, but have done better vs. the Blues as of late. I can't say I'm too optimistic about either possibility, but the Hawks will likely have to face both teams on the road to possibly repeating as Cup champions.
  11. @goalnut3133 Hey goalnut! Sorry I'm way late with this, but it's been another grueling workweek for me. ^_^ I was never a big fan of shootouts, for the reasons you stated and also because it seems like some teams, in OT, are trying to run out the clock so it goes to a shootout because they know they'll at least get a point, instead of trying to win it all in OT or at the end of regulation time. I've seen the Hawks doing just that in some games ... Looks like the Hawks will have to pick their poison in the first round ... Blues or Avs? We have not fared well against wither team this year ...
  12. Blackhawks logo is my favorite, but some of that is because I'm a Hawks fan. I still like the logo ...
  13. @goalnut3133 Unfortunately, I won't be able to watch all of this tonight because I have one more day of work and I'm really tired, so I have to make sure I sleep well tonight, so I have to DVR it. I think the Hawks are happy not to see Harding tonight ... he has been, to quote Arturs Irbe, "like wall" against the Hawks this season. I like Irbe's wall quote, so I just had to use it ...
  14. Quit making me jealous ... After yet another grueling workweek, pineapples and palm trees sounds good to me right now ... . Still ... one would think they would have a sports bar on board, but they don't ... they really should.
  15. Never underestimate the power of the Dark Side ... mwuhahahaha! Just in time for Hawks-Wild tonight ... and hopefully this will end in a Hawks win!
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