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We've got a backup goalie!


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Gus played his guts out and really changed how he is viewed in these last two games. Good to see. That slide over save on Johansen (?) in the 3rd was pretty, but he was phenomenal in the 1st. That save just capped it.

We sure have struggled with the Jackets of late, so this was a good win. Columbus is coming along. That Atkinson goal was a great goal for the kid. Datsukian-like. And Kronner once again let himself get beat. What's up with him this year?! Pretty soon Big E is going to have to have - sit-down with him. :-)

In all fairness to Kronner, he has been really good on those 5-on-3s when he hasn't been in the box during them. But still. Dude needs to lead. Right now, E's doing it. Glad to see someone is.

Another good game for Laschoff. And Quincey hasn't even been playing too badly. We need these guys to play solid, and they are starting to do so.

I also liked the last goal. Scrappy. Gotta have these. Bert/Datsyuk in front of the net garbage picking. That's a playoff-type goal, and we need them. That's a couple now for Bert. Looks like we might have the net guy for Pav and Z that we've wanted perhaps.

And congrats to Alfredsson on his first goal as a Wing. The line shifting has done him good IMHO, although this particular goal was just after the PP expired, so he was playing with Pav and Z still. That never hurts, does it? ;-) you just gotta think that the PP line of Alfie-Pav-Z has GOT to get some goals! But I hope he can use this one to get more in the net even strength. If he gets going, defenses are gonna have it tough.

Overall, of late I'm seeing what I've been wanting to see in the last 2 years or so--uglier goals being scored. Goals on shots near the crease. I see good things happening, both for the Eastern conference game and for the playoffs. This is the kind of stuff that hasn't been as regular for us, and it needs to be if we are going to move from the good team we have been to the great team we want to be again when it counts.

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Yeah, two great games for Gus. 


Lashoff gets sheltered minutes. It was the same thing at the beginning last season. As soon as Babcock asked him to play more important minutes, his lack of ability really started to show. So just keep giving him the sheltered minutes, and he'll be fine. But Kronwall is the player that gets hurt the most when you have a d-man that needs sheltered minutes, because it is him that picks up the extra difficult ones. I don't think he deals with it well. I think Kronwall is a better defender than people give him credit for. Ericsson has been solid as a rock, though. Really nice to see how he's turned things around from a couple seasons ago.


Alfredsson has been pretty good, quietly puts up points, but last night seemed different. He wanted that goal and it was nice to seem him get it. I'd rather see him on the half boards than the point on the PP though.


I feel like Detroit finds themselves in 5 on 3 situations too often. What's with that?

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Some Red Wings fans may say that the league does it to make games more exciting or that there's some kind of edict from Bettman to try to help weaker teams. I'm not buying it.

What I have seen is that the initial penalties that are called are questionable, but the ones that follow that give the 5-on-3s are usually legitimate. It's like we lose discipline for a moment out of frustration because of the questionable call. I think back to the earlier game when Hank got 2 penalties in the same game. Both were pretty questionable calls, but the one that followed that gave a 5-on-3 was unquestionably a good call.

I think it is something the veteran players who are leaders need to address. They shouldn't wait to get mentally tough when they are down 2 men. Gotta do it earlier than that, especially when you've had a call not go your way. This has gotta be done within the dressing room, and if it's not then Babs may have to switch someone out on the PK to make the point. Gotta stay disciplined.

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@Haliax  @SpikeDDS


The rules on penalties are so strict these days, but the game moves so much faster.  The officials are still humans, and what looks like a hook, or a trip, or interference will usually get called.  I don't fault them too much, but the European players aren't used to such strict rules regarding stick handling.  Nicklas Ldstrom for crying out loud would be in the box for hooking at least once a week.  It's the way these guys (mostly Swedes) learned to play the game, and now it doesn't jibe with the North American rules of the 21st century.  I wouldn't necessarily say they're undisciplined.


The good news is that despite the elevated number of 5-on-3 situations the Wings find themselves in, they haven't yielded a single goal yet.  And I don't believe the lingering power play after the first penalty expires has been successful either.


Three-game win streak heading into undefeated Colorado.  Jim Howard listed by the press as "questionable" for that game.  I'd say they'll lean on Gus one more time while he's in the zone.

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