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Clarkson back in 3....2....


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David Clarkson who took the dumbest penalty of the preseason when he came off the bench to protect little Phil from the jolly green giant in a meaningless preseason game while Kessel tried to carve john Scott down to a more manageable size with his axe, I mean hockey stick, will be returning to the ice in two more games.


  In my opinion, he is the perfect Randy Carlyle player. Mean, nasty, can score, plays the power play. Tough to move in front of the net and will fight anyone anytime. I think they overpaid in the offseason, but this is the season damnit, leave the contracts and signings and what not for July. it is lace them up time. Clarkson, Bolland, and Bernier were the big pieces in a wildly successful offseason. As a Wings fan I gotta admit these guys make me really nervous. And I cannot wait for the battle of Ontario. Will definitely be DVRing the first meeting with Ottawa. That could become THE rivalry for the next few years.

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