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  I have to admit, I thought this guy was a typical Swede, finesse only, sneaky quick. I really thought Alfredsson was to be a top six forward who fit in with the Wings style of allowing other teams to push them around. Not a big guy, kind of figured he was a typical Wing, skill finesse and not a lot of bull to him.



 This guy is amazing at his age, he pushes, shoves, fights for loose pucks, makes his line mates better just being on the ice, rushes the net, makes his presence known on every shift.

  There are nights when after watching the game I cannot remember if I saw Franzen in the game or not, same with one or two others, guys who seem to take the night off. It happens. Alfie at 40 is a noticeable presence with every shift. He is much more than I could have dared to hope for as a Wings fan when we signed him away from Ottawa.

  I know he said he was coming for one season but I am actually hoping against hope that he decides that one is not enough and even though we have a ton of kids who will be pushing for ice time by next season, it would be amazing to have him come back again. Watching Zetterberg on the ice with him, looking at Z as he looks at his boyhood idol is a bonus in and of itself.

  Glad you are here Alfie.

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Absolutely agreed.  He's really shown his true colors.  I think he loves it in Detroit, even if it's just a brand new playing style than what he's been used to for his entire career.  It's a completely fresh start.  I also think he (in typical Swede fashion) he understands that he's been given a huge opportunity by Detroit to fulfill his dream but only if he puts in his effort too.  He's really working for it.  Nothing will be left on the table for this guy come then end of the seaosn.  And if that elusive Cup slips out if his grasp yet again, he'll at least have no regrets in his Swan Song.

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