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Reverse Fandom Jedi Mind Trick


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I'm doing this to help the team but some of it is how I really feel


I'm done with Giroux...this board back when it was philly.com bashed Richards for all the things he wasn't just because he liked to have a good time.  But why did we anoint Giroux the savior.  


He was always a good player.  And has the better hands...but seriously, he does a couple heel drags through his own legs and makes some nice passes, gets paired up with Jagr and he was supposed to be everything Richards wasn't?  These days he doesn't carry the puck anymore, and hacks and slashes in the name of playing defense.  Honestly he's been given better line mates, more latitude for slumps, and more credit than he deserves.  I think catering to him as the best player on the team has diminished the talent we are surrounding him with.  


Richards used to have to play babysitter..when he was given two solid line mates (knuble and gagne) he produced consistently.  He scored on the power play, got assists, and scored on the PK.  We ran him out of town because he likes to have a few drinks?


Giroux leached off of Jagr, dazzled the fans here with his fancy moves and has faded into nothing.  When I learn how to control my fandom I'll be a Kings fan.


That should do it, I expect a 2 - 3 pts over the next two periods


go flyers

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Tough to argue w those pints considering how this team has played... Most notably Giroux.

I thought Richards was more into Rx pain killers and that was more of the issue than dry island. Whatever it was it is over and history.

Personally, Giroux was bad last year and was still a ppg player. I get it - believe me I get it.

I have no idea what to think anymore bc this team is just in a sad state.

It is a mess... And I completely get where you are coming from.

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I know Giroux is better than this.  Homer's bad moves have out numbered his good ones and here we are.


Just stings because we had offense for so long, we finally get goal tending and learn to play defense and the offense disappears completely.


It is what it is

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