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Wings vs. Jets - Afterthoughts


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I know @yave1964 usually stars these threads but I have a busy day of work ahead of me and I don't know if I'll be able to log on later to express a few thoughts.


  • 43 Shots from Detroit.   Now THAT'S more like it!  This is the kind of offensive pressure the Wings have been able to push in years past, but for some reason, have not been able to recreate with much consistency this season. 
  • 21 Shots against Detroit.  Again, a very impressive stat.  Particularly considering an overtime period with just over a minute of power play for the Jets when they started their last-second flurry on Howard.
  • Mr. Alfredsson, when you have some spare time, I'd like to introduce you to concept known as the "One-Timer."  I didn't watch much of you in Ottawa, but perhaps unbeknownst to you, you do not have to accept a pass, slow it down, set yourself, and wind up in order to shoot.  I can count at least three instances where a perfect pass was laid to you, right on the tape.  You were wide open, and if you had one-timed that puck, you would have been very pleased with the result
  • Jimmy...Jimmy...Jimmy...Jimmy..........  High blocker side........  Let's work on that, okay?
  • Franzen...the word of the day is "hustle."  Start off by trying to use that in a complete sentence.
  • Mr. Babcock, from now until Thanksgiving, your team will play a number of games against clubs who are much lower in the standings, most of them at the Joe.  This would be a really REALLY good time to start someone else in net.  Jimmy needs to know that he needs to step up.  The Red Wings need to amass as many points in the standings as possible, before they start really playing the tough games.  We haven't seen Toronto yet at all, Chicago, St. Louis, we have one more game against, Colorado, Anaheim and San Jose too.  Start the push now, or else the legendary playoff streak could fall victim to something as paltry and obnoxious as the "Wild Card"

On other notes, the Red Wings are looking to get Jonathan Ericcson and Brendan Smith back in the lineup this weekend.  Stephen Weiss is also targeting next week to return from a groin injury.  Hopefully, the extended absence has offered him the opportunity to clear his head so he can get back to scoring.  He just needs to relax.  The goals will be there.    

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Thank you for getting this one going!! Here are a few thoughts that I have after watching last nights game.


Franzen absolutely mugged Enstrom behind the net drawing a two minute penalty for roughing. That looked VERY personal like it was making up for something in the past, Franzen hardly ever uses his size like that.

  Zach Bogosian was 0 for his first 63 shots going into last night, one of the top shooters in the game but without a goal. Shame on Jimmy Howard, he got himself out of position and was burned by a slug of a d-man who is a big disappointment.

  With Smith and Ericsson out the Wings have had a chance to see Almquist, Oullet and Lashoff and figure out what they have at the ready or near ready nhl blue liners.

Almquist had a wretched game and a great game. I think that sums him up, against the right team he could be a pinching in offensive player who with the right partner could be very aggressive and has a very accurate shot but will get caught out of position because of his inexperience and aggressiveness. Oullet can really only be used at home where we have the last change and can get him out there with the lower lines, he can be a good player but he is uber cautious and raw.

  Lashoff on the other hand is playing solid minutes, a decent 4 or 5 d-man which nobody this side of Babs thought could happen. Still not sold on him, I think he has reached his maximum upside but he at least is holding his own.

  Jimmy Howard is enigmatic, he gives up too many late goals, too many soft goals. Howard is not earning his huge paycheck by any stretch. He has been underrated for a few years and now the pressure of his 5 year deal may be wearing on him. He will get it together soon.

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I'm not sold on Almquist.  He enjoyed some success in the Dallas game, potting his first goal, but I have a feeling the only reason he was down in the slot in the first place is that the Red Wings were leading and Babcock ordered the blueliners to push in.  I'm not sold on Oullet yet, but maybe I just need to see more of him.  Lashoff I think is here to stay.  As you say, he's a dependable third line D-man, and I doubt very much he'll be anything else.  He may end up just being a bargain, someone the Wings can get decent service for not a lot of money.  


I still wonder if Howard's still thinking about Sochi, more than the extra zeros in his paycheck.  He received this contract extension last season and played his heart out.  Only at the beginning of this season was the Olympic potentials list really reviewed and discussed.  It's got to be an honor aside from anything else to represent your country on the global stage.  Jimmy honestly has a chance, but he needs to hunker down and get back to basics.  I think the Wings need to approve Jim Bedard's overtime and let the two of them work it out after-hours.  Until then, they should not let Gustavsson and Mrazek get cold.  


Despite Bogosian's slow start, he's still a respectable skater.  Howard definitely got beat by his fake, but it was a good fake!

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