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Saturday night against the Panthers, a team that beat us twice while the team was depleted, Zetterberg, Abdelkader and Helm are all back. It is like a breath of fresh air getting these guys back and nyquist right before Christmas and Franzen coming back any day.


   The goaltending is still up in the air and Ericsson is now out for a month or so with broken ribs is the bad news, along with the fact that Kyle Quincey remains dangerously healthy, it is feared at the current pace that Quincey will remain in the lineup for the forseable future.


  But enough. For now getting three solid forwards including our captain and leader back is a cause to celebrate. C'mon Wings, lets stick it to Thomas and even the score.

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Well, Helm wasn't back yet. Hopefully soon. But both Z and Abby made impacts. 4 goals. Seems like it's been a while since we were able to put that together in a 60 minute game. Z got one of them with a WICKED cross-ice assist from Pav, but he still put it in the top corner for the score. Looks like he's back, baby!

Thomas didn't play, and I think it made a difference. Clemmenson stayed too deep in the crease which opened up the top part of the net. We took advantage more than once.

Monster has a "save our bacon" saveon a breakaway try in the 3rd after the Panthers got within 1. He made another one right after it. Huge saves! Not his best game, but we need saves like that one at times like that. Sometimes, that's enough. When we aren't scoring, it isn't, but when we can get 4 it is. What a difference 4 goals make, eh?

We still gave up too many odd-man opportunities. We've gotta clean that up. Too many giveaways, whether at the blue line or in our zone. This game it was he young guys coughing pucks up. Jurco was one. Tatar coughed one, but Monster made the save on that one.

A lot of penalties in this one. At least our PP got 2. This game would have been WAY different if we hadn't scored on the PP. I wish Z and Abby wouldn't make as much of a difference on the PP as they do, but the difference is pretty obvious. I'll take it so long as they can stay healthy and keep doing it.

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