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The Alumni game Thanks for the memories


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  Thoughts on the alumni game (s).


  The Wings had so many players who wanted to play that they had to set up two separate games, the first game with a lot of the old timers and players who never won a cup for the Wings, the second one had only players who were won two or more cups for the Wings or are Hall of Famers or won individual awards.  I found both thoroughly enjoyable.

  It always feels strange to see oldtimers and realize that many are younger than me at 49. It also makes me sad to see the heroes of my youth, guys like Johny Ogrodnick with more than a touch of gray in their hair making me and all of us realize if our heroes can grow old than so can we. I watched both games and loved every moment.


  Watching the Russian five with Dougie Brown filling in admirably for Konstantinov pass the puck around with no look passes brought back memories and gave me goosebumps. Has it really been 15 years?

  Seeing Joey Kocur skate out for the introduction wearing a Probert jersey to honor his fellow bruise brother was priceless. So was watching whatever the hell Chelios calls that as his goal celebration, skating down and flipping onto his back. Tie Domi actually got booed during the intros. Fans still remember his legendary brawls with Probie.


  It was sad seeing Stevie Yzerman barely able to unlock his left knee, looking like the oldest guy on the ice. Except when you seen hi sface then he still looks like he could still be playing. Speaking of still playing Lidstrom had a great goal set up by the Russians. Maybe we could kidnap him and talk him into a comeback for the final four months of the season. Even with two years off he would still be better than half of our D.

  Not sure why but Paul Woods did not play. I would have thought that the long time radio announcer who came to Detroit in 1977 and never left would be there. I correspond with Woodsie every now and then, he is the only player I know who when you write him a letter you are guaranteed one back, I have a half a dozen two to three page hand written letters from him in binders. Just a great guy.

  I want to finish with Mickey Redmond. I can barely if at all remember a time without Mickey being a member of the Wings. He was the first Wing with 50 goals in a season and injuries shortened his career then the announcing booth called. WOW did he look good on the ice with a couple of nifty assists, one to Shanahan and the other to Federov. I cannot wait to hear Mickey announcing his next game I am sure that is all he is going to talk about for the entire game. I always say if the game is boring Mickey keeps your interest this will be no exception, I am sure he will go on and on, talking about his assists and using the lumber instead of the composite sticks,

  I enjoyed this part of the festivities by far more than anything else so far.


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Happy New Year @yave1964!


I loved watching both games.  I just giggled in front of my TV for a couple hours.  I am a HUGE Mickey Redmond fan.  I think he's one of the five people I wish I could go drinking with!   :)


Stevie looked old and slow and it kinda broke my heart, but it was nice to see him again.  Not exactly sure how the shoot-out participants were chosen, but the crowd certainly wanted Stevie to give it a go.  I think he should have.  But Holmstrom and Lidstrom...?  


The Winter Classic game itself was exciting to watch.  The snow really made a huge impact on the kinematics of the puck.  That issue, along with just getting lost in the hype of the day, prevented me from really analyzing the game.  I just had fun watching.  It was interesting to see the plays broken up because the puck was over-skated or a pass wasn't completed.  Very odd to see the game halted in the middle of the third to switch sides (and overtime too.....Interrupting Z's breakout!!).  Tough loss in the shootout but hey, got a point out of it.


By the way, for the record, (though I don't like to admit it) I was in JLA attendance for the Dec. 23 misadventures against the Islanders....pathetic........  Only able to attend one game this season and it HAD to be THAT one...   Sheesh!

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