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Hawks-Devils tonight

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I'm way late with this since I just got home, but this should be an interesting match.  The Hawks won big in the first matchup, but I think the Devils will harken back to their mid-'90s form and play a trapping game in order to stonewall the Hawks.


Speaking of stonewall ... Antti Raanta will be in goal for this second of back-to-back games.

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Isles scored a big upset win against the Hawks last night.....you just know Chicago will come out against the Devils.

Kyle Okposo seemed to have caused all sorts of mayhem against the Hawks and while the Hawks made bids to come back, NY held on.


Can the Devils use any of the Isles blueprint for doing the same to the Blackhawks? Probably not, as the Isles and Devils are constructed quite differently.


I think you are right, Hawkie...Devils may need to revert to their old style stifling play and try to win this thing 2-1.

Won't be easy for them given how their defense and goaltending isn't as great as it once was overall as is their defense...plus Chicago simply has extremely good scorers that will be hard to keep down for a second straight game.


Still though, if NJ can play physically and take advantage of a possibly tired out Chicago crew, your Hawks may have some trouble here as well.

Not too sure NJ has a version of Kyle Okposo, John Tavares, or Thomas Vanek though......

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Sharp does it again!


For the second time in a week, Patrick "Hat-Trick" Sharp scored a hat trick to put the Hawks over the Devils 5-3.


Despite the hat trick, this game was closer than the score shows.  The Devils cut the Hawks' lead to 4-3 in the third period before Sharpie capped off his hat trick.

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