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Enough with the "good enough but we didn't score" regurg


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OK, I'm just kidding this time. I think that even though this is starting to be overused also, that it is an honest assessment of last night's performance. This was a pretty evenly-matched game. I think we played well enough to tie.

Mrazek was solid. He had no chance on the goal. (He was a little late in reaction, but I don't think it would have made any difference if he had been quick. That goal was going in. No chance.

I think this was a very good game for the confidence of the kids on the team. We just about matched the best team in the NHL in the building where they have so far been perfect in regulation, and us being on the road having played the night before (as had the Ducks). I think you can build on this game, if you work it right and really build.

Tatar played another good game. The guy is creative. He's better than I gave him credit for. Me likey!

I thought we had them tied when Abby hit that post in the 3rd! So close! I know the Ducks also got iron once too, but that was close to being the tying goal.

Long break before Thursday. Hope the things learned don't get forgotten by then.

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mrazek was great all night long. I bet Cogliano wished he played the Wings every night the way he owns us. Like you said, second game of a back to back against a team with zero home losses in regulation. Just looking forward to us going on a nice seven or eight out of nine soon to get this thing back on track. just try not to look at our opponents over the next two weeks it is daunting.

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