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HBO 24/7 Hockey


HBO 24/7 Hockey  

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  1. 1. Which season is your favorite?

    • Penguins - Capitals '11
    • Flyers - Rangers '12
    • Red Wings - Maple Leafs '14
    • Succker is g**hey
    • Vladimir Putler is a colossal piece of feces

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1. Although I'm a Pens fans, but I think from a cinematographic point of view the Flyers/Rangers season was the best so far.


That intro alone is so effing awesome. Still gives me goose bumps.



2. Pens/Caps. I'll be laconic - great season, but definitely not enough Crosby off the ice. I guess the guy is very privacy-minded. That's his right.


3. Wings/Leafs. By far way sub-par to the previous two, but still better than nothing. Also, the only season that made me dislike a player for real. I mean Dion Phaneuf. Damn he's annoying. I hope that potato nose got herpes from Avery via his wife.


4. Caps/Hawks '15 -


NHL, HBO still finalizing '24/7' series plans for 2015 Winter Classic.


"We're having a series of meetings with the NHL discussing how we move forward on that project," HBO Sports President Ken Hershman told The Daily. "Hopefully, we'll have something to announce shortly."


July 18, 2014

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