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Defensively rate players on your team 1 to 5

J0e Th0rnton

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1 being lowest obviously, 5 being a brick wall.

Ill think of 2.5 as average. A guy who is like 0.5 to 1 would be Ovechkin or Brad Stuart last season, Whereas a 4.5-5 could be a Selke/Norris candidate based on their defense.


Can over all bases. If a guy is not as positionally sound and would otherwise be a 2.5,, but has the size, reach and speed to cover his mistakes most times, you can still rate him a 3.5 or 4. By the same token, a super positionally sound guy can be slow as molasses and have bad skating and reflexes, reducing his score if it affects his play..


If A guy is so so defensively as a 2.5 positionally, but can take defensive zone faceoffs and win them with astonishing regularity, giving his team control and moving the puck the other way, you can rate him higher. etc. By the same token a guy can be a positional ace who wins his faceoffs and gets in lanes and intercepts passes, but be soft as butter along the boards and lose every board battle, reducing his score.


Or if a guy has the tools, but is lazy and lackluster on occasion and will not block shots, etc etc


Ill start with my team.


Pavelski: 3.75

Thornton: 3.5

Nieto: 2.5

Marleau: 3.5

Couture: 3.75

Wingels. 3

Sheppard: 2.5

Hertl: 2.5

Burish: 2

Kennedy: 2

Desjardins: 2.75


Vlasic: 5

Braun: 4.5

Mueller: 3

Burns: 3.5

Hannan: 2

Demers: 2

Irwin: 1

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