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Eric Brewer to Ducks...2015 3rd Rounder to Bolts

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From NHL.com



Ducks strengthened their blue line yet again with this acquisition from the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Brewer is on the last year of his contract, with a $3.8 M cap hit.

At age 35 and with an expiring contract, the chances of the Lightning re-signing him with the young talent they have on their blue line now and in their system was very low. In fact, the former St. Louis captain was being used as a 7th defenseman, and understandably, he was not happy about that.


Bolts get a decent return for him in that 2015 draft and will most likely replace his physical presence in the lineup with the seemingly emerging big man Andrej Sustr, who goes about 6'6 230.


In Brewer, the Ducks are getting a guy who leads by example can be a mentor to younger players (he helped guys like Hedman, Barberio, and Gudas along with the Bolts), a guy who, when focused, can hit as well as anyone in the league, and even has some good skating and stick handling skills, allowing him to play stay-at-home defense or jump into an offensive situation.


Both teams made out well here, though I think in the short term, the Ducks win out while the Lightning re-shuffle the pecking order on their blue line...a blue line that will be helped IMMENSELY with the return of Victor Hedman in early December.


I want to personally thank Eric Brewer for all he had done for the Bolts. He was with them through thick n thin, never complained about anything or what role or pairing he was put on, and did whatever the Bolts asked him to....including be a healthy scratch several times this year.

Again, he was not happy about that, never went public with it, but some Bolts announcers did leak out that Brewer was not happy being D-man #7...and I can't really blame him.

He still has some good hockey left in him for Anaheim or anyone else after that...but there was simply no room for him on the TB blue line with some up n comers and with the guys already playing regular minutes.


Good luck to Eric in Anaheim and wherever he goes after that....Bolts WILL miss him in the short term, but in the long run, it clears cap space and opens a roster spot for the Bolts to either call up someone else from the AHL or to make a move at the trade deadline.

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A bit of an update to the Brewer for a 3rd rounder trade....from the Bolts website:



Seems the pick Anaheim gave up wasn't their own pick, but rather one they acquired previously from the Edmonton Oilers.

While a 3rd rounder is a 3rd rounder, nice to know that at least THIS particular 3rd rounder should be very early in the round as opposed to late in the round as the Ducks are sure to finish much higher than the Oil when all is said and done this year.

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