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Has Vinny complained about Left Coast pizza?

The Quigster

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Can anybody say anything positive about this team?


Yes, not much but a few things...


Laughton is looking better and better.


G and Vors are still near the top and tied for top (respectively) in scoring.


Goalies are still looking pretty good considering.


The  team played reasonably well the past 2 games against tough opponents.


They got some secondary scoring last game.


Somehow they are still only 6 points out of the playoffs with a long way to go yet. Looking grim no doubt but also not YET the disaster it might seem.


and rumor has it they may bench "cough-it-up-Coburn" tonight.


finally, train wrecks are fun to watch! :ph34r:


most of the rest sucks but you asked if anyone could say anything positive about this team so there are a few things.

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