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  1. You know, we have had enough of all the wild fires this summer and early fall out here in the west. Can someone please take this massive traveling dumpster fire known as the Flyers back east. I'm having a hard time breathing. Oh wait, I see they are headed to Winnipeg next. Well, at least that is east of here so the jet stream should carry the smoke away...
  2. Unless you consider Hakstol the same way and let him learn all the "NHL" crap for a year while the team sucks and get to work with the new kids next year? I don't know. It's the only thing I can come up with... I don't matter what system he puts in place or doesn't, this group just doesn't seem to want to play for 60 minutes...
  3. I listened to the game on my phone (97.5) and could have pulled nearly any game from the last 3 years and plugged in a replay. It was like the movie groundhog day listening to it. I'm not worried yet, but that is mainly because I have zero expectations....
  4. It was the first game with anything close to a "normal" lineup and it still wasn't normal. No line up can be normal with McDonald out there anyway. They went up against the Rangers who WERE oddly motivated for their own reasons I'm sure. I believe it means nothing and forecasts nothing. The anchors are the anchors and will be until they are gone. The only interesting question for me is: Hextall has said he won't play a rookie (ala Ghost) until that player can make the team a better team on a nightly basis. Is Ghost not better at this point than Schenn, Gudas or McDonald? We will see one of the kids sooner rather than later. Now, lets just try and get through the next two pre-season games without anyone else getting hurt. Loosing a top line fowrard and 2nd line center in the pre-season is more concerning than a OT/Penalty Shot loss to last years President's Trophy winners who have a chip on their shoulder from not winning the cup last year.
  5. Oh, I see what the problem is. You think I care... Well, I don't because that was an absolute nothing thing to me. I'll take care of this elsewhere...
  6. @radoran I didn't say you don't like V. Take it easy on the context thing. I'm just saying there are people that are not going to like the deal no matter what. I think that's pretty fair to say.
  7. @hf101 I would have preferred 6 yrs myself. And the economy isn't nearly as robust as the press or administration says so your right, the cap might not go up as much as expected. Oh well, guess we are stuck with it now.
  8. @radoran And I was just making a statement to Jack. Besides, you already knew the answer to your own question so no harm either way... I think Hakstol just wanted to visit Europe on the Flyer's dime! OK, maybe not.
  9. and just for fun... Hakstol flew to Europe to have dinner with Voracek...
  10. @JackStraw Nice going Jack! You try and give context and screw it up by having a list that omits Kane! You could have had god on that list and it's not gonna matter.
  11. One could argue that it will be. 8 million won't be what it is now and there are plenty of guys still producing and performing well at 35 and our 2 guys will be coming off the books right at that time, if the Flyers so choose...
  12. @JackStraw In the words of Nick Yamana, "very well put"....
  13. No, not quit... But yours is valid point not lost on me. I tend to take "the angle" on these things and this term and dollar amount doesn't bother me very much. I'm very excepting of "what is" and find ways to work it out in my mind. I'm also patient. Barring the unforeseen, this is a good deal and I'm willing to wait for that to flesh itself out.
  14. I had another one liner for the 7yr part of it but I already stirred the pot this week so I left it alone.
  15. That's all we can do. Oh, and debate it for the next 8 years, which we will likely do. Right now many will say "to much - to long". 4 yrs from now we will be saying "what a bargain ! Can't believe we won a cup with him." and 7 yrs from now it will be " freakin Hextall era! Who knew we would miss the playoffs last year. Well, only one more year of the bum Voracek and we clear 8+ million off the 92 million cap".....

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