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Top Ten Players Of Each Decade


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Im sure many people will disagree with my lists, so feel free to post your opinion or even make your won list, it doesnt have to be for every decade, just the ones you watched. 



Top Ten Best Players From 2000-2009

HM: MSL, VLC, Heatley, Spezza, Alfredsson, Forsberg, Hossa, Luongo, Datsyuk, 


HM: Joe Sakic

This guy was ****** great in the playoffs (unlike someone else with the same name...) But he also won a Hart and a Pearson, in one season...while being 2nd in selke voting and being 3 points away from winning the Art Ross, Now thats a dominant two way player. Also had a 100 point season in 2007. But i wasnt sure who to remove in the list so i left him out...


(The awards i list for these players are only the awards they won during the decade i list them at)


10. Joe Thornton

Won a Pearson and an Art Ross in one season....thats basically all he won. But he was also consistent....in the regular season atleast.

He does have the most points in the regular season throughout last decade. 823 points in 698 games to be exact. Yea, notice how im mentioning everything he has done in the regular season but not the playoffs...


9. Rob...Scott Niedermayer

Won a Conn Smythe trophy, and the Norris. Did anyone know he had a brother?


8. Jaromir Jagr

After Lemieux came back from fighting cancer, Jagr won a lester b pearson and 2 art ross trophies, while he was ``dying``. Why this guy did not win a masterton is beyond me...


7. Chris Pronger

Was the third highest scoring defenseman of the decade, and won the MVP by 1 vote against Mr ``Dying Alive``. Canadian Bias.

Won a Norris as well, it is considerably harder for defenseman to win harts then it is for Forwards. Still, Canadian Bias.


6. Jarome Iginla

2 richards, 1 Art ross and 1 Lester B Pearson trophy. The best power forward of last decade no doubt..... well, there is this argument for Be*****i...


5. Evgeni Malkin

Crosby`s butt buddy had the most dominant playoff run for a forward since Lemieux and Gretzky, he won the Conn Smythe that year, as well as winning an Art Ross and a Calder.


4. Sidney Crosby

No matter how much he whined, dived, and took it up the butt. No one can deny his talent and his amazing hockey IQ. If not plagued by injuries, he could have very well been 3rd on the list....But PPG doesn`t mean ballsack to me from such a small sample size of games... Oh, and this...

  • First rookie to record 100 points and 100 penalty minutes in a season[121]
  • Youngest player to record 100 points in a season (18 years, 253 days)[37]
  • Youngest player to record 200 career points (19 years and 207 days)[122]
  • Youngest player to record 2 consecutive 100-point seasons (19 years, 215 days).
  • Youngest player voted to the starting lineup in an All-Star Game[123]
  • Youngest Art Ross Trophy and Lester B. Pearson Award winner[47]
  • Youngest player to be named to the First All-Star Team [48]
  • Youngest Player to Lead NHL Playoffs in scoring (20 years, 9 months, and 28 days)
  • Youngest NHL captain to win Stanley Cup (21 years, 10 months, and 5 days)6]

All last decade.


3. Alexander Ovechkin

An Art Ross, 2 Lester B Pearson`s, 2 Harts, 1 calder and 2 rocket richards alone is good enough for third place. Absolute monster physically and offensively.


2. Martin Brodeur

4 Vezina trophies. dominated goaltending for almost half a decade. Also got married in 2008...what does that have to do with hockey...nothing really, but....

Melanie( Brodeur`s wife) filed for divorce during the 2003 playoffs amid reports that Brodeur was having an affair with Genevieve Nault, the wife of Melanie's brother. Guess who he married in 2008...


And THE BEST PLAYER OF THE 2000s IS.................................................................................................................


Guy was the best at his position for 7 years, won a Norris at age 41, and also has a Conn Smythe to add to that.

Sorry Brodeur, while you were having an affair with your wife, Lidstrom was too busy being perfect...



Top Ten Best Players From 1990-1999

HM: Bondra, Forsberg, Bure, Moginly, Lafontaine, Modano, Sakic, Bure, Fedorov, Yzerman, Chelios, Leetch, Belfour, Sakic, Brodeur, Roenick( Look at these HM and then tell me that the 2000s had the more talented group of players...) This was arguably the hardest decade for me to do...


10. The Man Child

ok..ok, in terms of pure dominance, Lindros would probably be three on the list. The most dominant power forward of not only his decade, but possibly in all of hockey history, but the simple fact is that he never played as much games as he could have, and only ever reached the 80 game mark once.


9. Chris Chelios

The Greatest American born player of all time!!! He won 2 norris trophies while consistently being a top 10 defenseman offensively and defensively throughout the whole decade.


8. Patrick Roy

The biggest ego in all of hockey history!!! im not denying his talent though, he won 2 vezina trophies and a conn smythe trophy, then also deked Wayne Gretzky during the 90s giving him the title of best player in the world 


7. Brett Hull

The leading scorer of the 90s!!! insane three year goal scoring peak and would have 3 richards(if they were made during his time) 1 MVP and 1 Pearson. The after that, was still a consistently good goal scorer.


6. Mark Messier

The ``Greatest Intangible Player Of All Time`` he won 2 pearsons and 2 harts, beating Gretzky even though he was outscored by 30 points!!! Because ``Intangibles``. Then the rangers won two stanley cups right when he joined the team. Because ``Leadership``. Joe sakic and Yzerman cant hold Messier`s jock strap.  


5. Wayne Gretzky

The father of steven stamkos won 3 art ross trophies. Yet had no ``intangibles``. Is it a coincidence that he never won a stanley cup when he left Edmonton( Yet Messier won 2 more cups leaving Edmonton)... i think not. A further testament to Messier`s greatness because obviously he carried those Oilers teams, not Gretzky. 


4. Ray Bourque

The Greatest Defenseman Of the 90s!!! Won 3 Norris trophies while having an infinite number of All Star Games, Heès the real ``****** All Star``


3. Jaromir Jagr

The Greatest European Forward Of All Time!!! Won 3 Art Ross Trophies, a Hart and a Pearson....After Lemieux left. So obviously Jagr was great no matter who he played with..(even with Kip Miller and Jiri hudler..what, exactly) . Also sported the greatest hockey mullet of all time, so there`s that.


2. Dominik Hasek

Has an easy case for greatest goalie of all time, he won 6 Vezina trophies, 2 Harts and 2 lester b pearson trophies, he is the only goalie to win a lester b pearson trophy and the only goalie to win the Hart TWICE. Thats more then most great forwards win in their lifetime, he dominated not only other goalies ( Prime Brodeur and Roy) But he dominated against players of other positions in trophies that goalies have no business winning. Although, i have to admit it wasnt that hard putting one guy above Hasek...


And THE NUMBER 1 GREATEST PLAYER OF THE 90s ISSSS...............................................................



Jagr, the greatest European forward of all time, pales in comparison to Lemieux, thats how much better Canadians are than Europeans.... 

2 Conn Smythes, 3 Lester B Pearsons, 3 Art Ross trophies and 2 MVP`s....While  overcomeing hodgkins lymphoma, take that Chuck Norris.




Top Ten Best Pewee Hockey Players from 1980-1989 HM: every goalie that played in the 80s and every player tat looke dbetter then they actually were due to playing in the 80s..


10. Mark Messier

Sole reason the Oilers won the cups 

Won a conn smythe. Proof.


9. Patrick Roy

Was the only goalie worth putting in the list... 

won a conn smythe and vezina during the 80s.


8. Denis Savard

Beautiful skater, and created one of the best goals of all time, 4th highest scoring forward throughout the 80s


7. Peter Stastny.

The guy everyone forgot about, the guy no one ever noticed....2nd place in scoring, yet Wayne Gretzky had 800 more points.

Thats how much better Canadians are at hockey...


6. Jari Kurri

Arguably the greatest finnish player of all time, played a really solid defensive game, one of the greatest playoff performers of all time, also had the most goals in the playoffs, 19.

Nvm, just a product of Messier.


5. Paul Coffey

The second greatest offensive defenseman of all time(meaning he sucked at defense, see 2010 and over norris trophy wins  ), won three Norris trophies. First in points for defenseman throughout the 80s.


4. Ray Bourque

The best combination of offense and defense, had a great all around game and won 2 Norris trophies. Second in points for defenseman throughout the 80s


3. Mike Bossy

Rivaled Gretzky in scoring. led the league in goals 4 times, and won a conn smythe, he is comparable to Ovechkin when it comes to pure goal scoring ability (although they play very differently)


2. Mario Lemieux

When he ate french fries everyday, he still managed to have around 800 points....in only 400 games.


AND THE BEST PLAYER OF THE...ok, you all know who it is




@TFG I bet you wanted a piece of that when you were younger ;)



In fact, he was every womans hockey crush, right FlyerCanuck?




Edit: this post may have been long, but i did not show explicit detail and the reasoning behind my listings were fairly lazy, sorry if you were looking for quality arguments and stat charts...


And i will do the 70s, 60s, and 50s fairly soon...

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