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I made a 2014-2015 Highlight Video


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I have been fascinated by the Flames, they are the most unique organization in the league right now, bob Hartley has simply earned the Adams award, anyone else takes it than the fix is in.

  Monahan, he stuck with him as the number one center in spite of a slow start, forcing him to play against other teams top lines all year and Monahan rewarded his faith with a monster year, same with Hudler, same with Gadreau.

 But that is what is unique about calgary, in essence they ahve one scoring line, that is it. A bunch of mediocre, Lance Bouma, Mason Raymond types after that, career underachievers like Colborne and Backlund. But Hartley has them playing hard every shift up and odwn the ice and looking for opportune times to score.

 He makes up for it by constantly having the defense lead the charge, even after Giordano who appeared a lock to win the Norris before he got hurt, he continued to have the back end  play fire wagon hockey, everyone moving end to end wearing down the opposition. My God, Russell stepped up when giordano went down and was a scoring machine!!


 A bunch of kid forwards


 Retreads like Byron, Engelland and Colborne that nobody wanted.


 A goalie who was ran out of Anaheim.


 Hartley mixed it all together and stirred and created one of the most exciting and dynamic teams in the game. Not certain how far they are going to go but wow what a year they have had, beating out the defending champs for a playoff spot! Congrats to the Flames and all their fans.

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