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Out goes Murray, in Comes ?


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Bryan Murray has announced that next season will be his last as Senators' GM. This comes as no surprise (unless you thought, as I did, that he might step down this offseason), because of his health and his age. Many thought that this season would be Murray's last. Senators owner Eugene Melnyk has told Murray that he will be allowed to choose his own successor. With that in mind, let me turn the focus to a Senators legend.


In March, Daniel Alfredsson said that he's not yet ready for a GM or coaching job. Yet, late last month, Bryan Murray spoke of how the Senators would love to have Alfie involved in the organization and how he had spoken to the former captain about being involved. All of that makes me wonder: has Murray postponed retirement for a year to try to convince Alfredsson to take the job? Even though the case is purely circumstantial, reading between the lines suggests it as a possibility. Is Murray trying to convince Alfredsson to take his place?

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