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2015 NYR Draft Picks


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Ryan Gropp

41st overall  (2nd Round)
Born: Sep 16 1996  -  Kamloops, BC
6'2",  187 lbs 
Left Wing,  Shoots Left
Twitter: @Gropper8
Gropp is an 18 year old playing for the Seattle Thunderbirds of the WHL.
For the 2013-14 season, Gropp accumulated 18 Goals & 24 Assists, for a total of 42 points in 59 Games Played.  He finished with a +/- rating of -5.
For the 2014-15 season, Ryan improved to 30 Goals & 28 assists in 67 Games Payed, totalling 58 points.  Also improved was his +/- rating, at +9.  During the Playoffs, Ryan netted 1 goal and assisted on 7 others, for a total of 8 points in 6 Games Played.
Gropp performed well at the NHL Combine. He was especially impressive in the following categories:
Anaerobic Fitness: Mean Power Output (8th Overall)
Anaerobic Fitness: Peak Power Output (8th Overall)
Vertical Jump (2nd Overall)
Ryan had previously spoken to the Rangers once at the Combine and once during the season.  He knew the Rangers were "kind of interested", but bothing more.  Ultimately, the Rangers traded up in the draft in order to secure him.  Gordie Clark,  Director of Player Personnel for the New York Rangers, considers Ryan a 1st round talent with a great amount of upside.  More specifically, Gordie believes Ryan is one of the  6 best players to come out of the Draft in regards to skating & talent.
Gropp, excited to be a Ranger, considers himelf to be a fast player with a good shot...but he also likes to make plays and pass the puck.  He admires Alain Vigneault's system and feels he is a good fit for how the Rangers play.  Next season, Gropp has stated that he will be concentrating on improving his upper body strength and his ability to take a hit (physicality).
For highlights of Gropp's 2014-15 season with the Seattle Thunderbirds, please watch the video below:
Robin Kovacs
62nd Overall (3rd Round)
Born: Nov 16 1996 - Stockholm, Sweden
6'0" 172 lbs
Right Wing, Shoots Left
Twitter: @RobinKovacs
Kovacs is an 18 year old who played last season for AIK of the Sweden 1st Division Hockey Leauge.
For the 2014-15 Season, Kovacs accumulated 17 Goals and 11 assists for a total of 28 Points in 52 Games Played.  This was good enough to lead the team in Goals & Overall Points.  He also led the team in Penalty Minutes.  His +/- rating was -6.
At the NHL combine, Kovacs was 10th overall in Anaerobic Fitness: Peak Power Output.
Gordie Clark,  Director of Player Personnel for the New York Rangers, feels Kovacs has talent, but needs to fill out and improve in strength.  The Rangers plan on being patient in regards to bringing him along.
Kovacs describes himslef as a speedy, offensive player who likes to score.  His favorite players are Steven Stamkos and Marion Hossa.
Elite Prospects has the following to say:
A speedy winger that likes to agitate opponents and then strike quickly. Possesses great stickhandling ability and creativity, and is potent on the power play and penalty kill, as he recognizes scoring chances and is quick to act. Loves to play a puck-possession game and can pick his spot like no other when ripping his shots. All-in-all, an all-around winger that players hate to play against due to his skill level and the effectiveness of his agitation. (Curtis Joe, EP 2015)
Highlights from Kovac's 2014-15 season can be seen in the video below:
Sergey Zborovskiy
79th Overall (3rd Round)
Born: Feb 21 1997 - Moscow, Russia
6'3" 198 lbs
Defenseman, Shoots Right
Twitter: @BigZborovskiy
Zborovskiy is an 18 year old playing for the Regina Pats of the WHL.  During the 2014-15 season, he accumulated 3 Goals & 16 Assists for a total of 19 points.   He also finished the season with a +/- rating of +15.
Of himself, Zborovskiy states - "I can play hard on defense, but I can also join the rush. But not as often as pure offensive defensemen. If I have a good chance, I’ll join the rush."  When comparing European Hockey with North American hockey, Zborovskiy has said - "Canadian hockey is more interesting, I like it the best. I think that if a player wants to progress, he should get here. The game is a higher tempo, you need to take decisions faster, you always need to be focused on the game. I got here to improve as a player, because hockey here is better."
A video containing some of Zborovksiy's play from one particular game last season can be found below:
Aleksi Saarela
89th Overall (3rd Round)
Born: Jan 7 1997 - Helsinki, Finland
5' 11" 198 lbs
Center, Shoots Left
Twitter: @AleksiAllu25
Saarela is an 18 year old who played 51 games for Assat Pori in the Finland SM-liiga during the 2014-15 season.  He scored 6 Goals and added 6 Assists, for a total of 12 points.  His +/- rating was -7.  Saarela also helped Finland capture a silver medal at the IIHF U-18 World Junior Championship by tallying eight points (3 Goals, 5 Assists) and posting a +6 rating in seven games.
Elite Prospects has the following to say:
A dangerous offensive winger that creates energy through scoring chances. Possesses good hockey sense as well as good hands and stickhandling ability. A smooth and speedy skater who has a lot of jump in his step. Not very large in stature; however, his diminutive size doesn't deter his scoring prowess, and that is what he will have to rely upon to be successful. (Curtis Joe, EP 2014)
For fun, video of a 15 year old Saarela scoring a Penalty Shot Goal:
Brad Morrison
113th Overall (4th Round)
Born: Jan 4 1997 - Westside, BC
6'0" 154 lbs
Center, Shoots Left
Twitter: @Bmorry_90
Morrison is an 18 year old playing for the Prince George Cougars of the WHL.  For the 2013-14 Season, Morrison scored 12 goals and added 9 assists in 55 Games, for a total of 21 Points. His +/- rating was -4.  The 2014-15 season showed great improvement:  Morrison tallied 23 Goals and 27 Assists, for a total of 50 points in 67 Games Played.  His +/- rating was -3.
Gordie Clark,  Director of Player Personnel for the New York Rangers, believes Morrison is a highy skilled forward with great upside due to impressive hockey sense and puck skills.
Morrison is nephew to ex-NHL player Garth Butcher and his father has some NHL experience.
Elite Prospects has the following to say:
A clever, dexterous forward who plays with jump and jam. Possesses the speed and cunning to create separation, and has the individual skills and puckhandling ability to make the best use of any time and space earned. Works hard in the corners, but can get rubbed out when not careful. All-in-all, a speedy, skilled forward who can carry and direct plays with ease. (Curtis Joe, EP 2015)
For a video of Morrison Highlights, interview, and analysis... pease see below:
Daniel Bernhardt
194th Overall (4th Round)
Born: April 11 1996 - Stockholm, Sweden
6'3" 191 lbs
Right Wing, Shoots Left
Twitter: N/A
Bernhardt is a 19 year old who played for Djurgården J20 of the Swedish SuperElit Leauge.  For the 2014-15 season, Bernhardt scored 26 Goals and added 35 assists, accumulating a total of 61 points in 44 Games Played.  His +/- rating was +23.  These tallies were good enough to lead the SuperElit league in Goals and Points, and Bernhardt ranked second in the league in Assists.
On June 30 2015, Bernhardt was drafted by the London Knights Hockey Club in the 2015 CHL Import Draft.  On the Knights' website it states that Bernahardt is "publicized as being a big skilled winger who creates a lot of offense by entering the zone with speed".
Adam Huska
184th Overall (7th Round)
Born: May 12 1997 - Zvolen, Slovakia 
6'3" 179 lbs
Twitter: N/A
Huska is an 18 year old currently playing for the Green Bay Gamblers of the USHL.  While Huska has played in only 6 games for the Gamblers, and the numbers are not impressive, Huska seems to have been chosen for his play while representing Slovakia at the 2015 IIHF U-18 World Junior Championship.  Indeed, Gordie Clark has stated that the Rangers were not necessarily looking for a Goalie, but he had an incredilbe tournment.
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Thanks for the great write up on the Rangers picks.  Several other sized LW's went right before Gropp so it probably was a good move by the Rangers moving up in the draft.  This class of draftee's has a lot of talent it wll be exciting to see how many of them make it to the NHL.


and also Welcome to the site!



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