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Spits secure services of Sergachev, 2016 top 10 pick


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  Very exciting to see the Spits nab this dynamic Russian D-man. He was selected 6th overall in the latest Euro draft. This gives the Spits 2 potential top 10 picks in the next draft, the other being huge forward Logan Brown, who appears in the top 10 in most 2016 mocks. Huge year coming up for potential Spits NHL draft picks!




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@AlaskaFlyerFan  I'm thrilled with Rocky Thompson. NHL experience as an Asst coach already, so he bring some knowledge and knows how the kids can fast track. The story goes, he spoke at a coach's convention, and everyone was blown away, old time coaches who don't empress easily were taking notes....Bob Boughner approached him after this talk and asked "how would you like to start over in the OHL?"...and it went from there.

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  The Spits now have 3 highly regarded prospects for the upcoming 2016 NHL draft.




 Depending on which mock draft you read, Logan Brown, the huge 6'5 220 lb center is ranked anywhere from 6 to 15 overall. He is your typical power forward type, and skates VERY well for such a big kid. He is a guaranteed 1st rounder.


 Another potential 1st rounder is Russian D-man Sergachev...I got my first look at his live last week, came away pretty impressed. A silky smooth skater, he appears to be more of a puck moving offensive d-man than a stay at home type. He skates so well, that at times he looks lazy, but it really just his skating style...I think...lol. He is one of those effortless skating types, with very nice top end speed.


 One other guy to keep an eye on is forward Luke Kirwin...he was not playing when I saw the Spits last week, but he looked very impressive last year, he is ranked in the middle rounds right now.


 One kid who is not ranked this year do to young age is the Spits 2nd round pick, goalie DiePietro. Very NICE reflexes but a little on the small side, but probably still has some growing to do....this kid has STAR written all over him, he should be a first rounder in 2018, he's only 16 right now.


 I have to almost laugh at HUGE d-man Logan Stanley being ranked in the 4th to 6th rounds...this is literally a JOKE. Either this is the deepest draft of time, or they are really missing the boat on this massive prospect...he grew one more inch of late, so he's 6'7 and still growing...VERY nice skater for a huge kid, not one bit awkward, which is rare for suck a massive prospect.

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