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Making a team of the remaining free agents

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mnveHrA42gML8Uio49-0D5A.jpg You could make a team out of the remaining free agents still looking for a job as July threatens to turn into August. Granted not a very good team but probably better than the one the Sabres trotted out last year on a nightly basis or even better than the one the Coyotes will be pretending to be an NHL team this year.



Semin Mike Richards Tlusty


Fehr Olli Jokinen Weiss


Boyes Derek Roy  Fleischmann


Glencross  Gomez  Bernier


Everyone on this list has a hole in their game but still brings something to the table. Backups include Stoll, Booth, Matt Cooke, Erat, Havlat, santorelli,  Stempniak and Setoguchi. mpFzLus4SY3viuV-Kt0FvBA.jpg I think I could find 12 guys out of this motley crew to throw out there every night.



Ehrhoff  Franson


Visnovsky Gleason


Zidlicky Schlemko


Backups include Ryan Stanton, Kyle Cumisky and Bryce Salvador.


Ehrhoff is nearly signed by the Jackets who are just trying to make the salary work so I might have left him off the list, but a surprising amount of puck movers with other holes in their game. If a team needs a veteran power play guy and has other stay at home d-men there are a few still out here. Gleason is the obvious stay at home guy still available.



Jonas Gustafsson




Very thin pickings here.


So a lot of NHLers still looking for a job, this team would lose 50 games a year but there is a surprising amount of talent still on the table. Most of these guys and players like Erat and Kopecky as well are one dimensional and just need to find the right team to land with to use that one dimension. I would say that 50 percent of these guys will land a job before the start of the year, 25 percent will land in europe and the rest will still be sitting by the phone or sign an AHL contract if they want to continue playing.


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@yave1964 Interesting concept here. Like you said, this team probably wouldn't do all that well, but I have a feeling that they still could have outclassed a couple of teams this past year. We really had some doozies...

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